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Polar calorie hrm question...(4 posts)

Polar calorie hrm question...woodes
May 31, 2002 4:26 AM
Assuming you enter the correct info (age, sex, weight, etc...) do you find the calorie counting function of the Polar HRM to be accurate? The numbers seem high. Thanks!
definitely highweiwentg
May 31, 2002 4:47 AM
it continues counting when you're at a stop light, coasting, etc. if you maintained a continuous effort, then I think it would be more accurate.
mine told me I burnt 1500 calories on a 3 hour ride, not all of which was hard. some time was spent at stop lights, coasting, chatting with friends while resting, and fiddling with my equipment. yes, I was hungry when I got back, but not that hungry.
re: Maybe they're right?yfoiler
May 31, 2002 6:53 AM
I've wondered about this too, as my S-710 shows a high amount. I'm not sure how they are calculating the calories. But we must remember this.
With a long hard effort the amount of burned calories does NOT stop when you stop riding. Your metabolism is boosted and burns calories at a higher rate than normal for quite some time after the effort is finished (even throughout the day I feel "buzzed" on my very hard days). Perhaps some more knowledgeable people here could comment on this, but it's my feeling the Polar people my be correct because they are calculating the overall burn, not just the ride.

re: Polar calorie hrm question...Thoth2
May 31, 2002 7:33 AM
I think its pretty close to accurate (I have an S210).
Try this: Sit in front of the TV for an hour w/ the thing stapped to you and see how many calories you burn. I did it once and it counted a little bit more than 100. My best guess of BMR is about 2700 cals per day (w/o exercise) for my age, ht, and wt, so it sounds about right.
Also, the best estimates I've come across are 600cal on a flat road/per hour at 15 mph for a 165lb cyclist (no wind).
1200 cal for same cyclist at 20mph. My observed figures on roads that are much less than flat compare favorably to these (like this : 17mph on rolling terrain usually ends up costing my 900ish calories per hour).
Anyway, that's my take.