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Giro and Hamilton Question (not a spoiler)...(3 posts)

Giro and Hamilton Question (not a spoiler)...JBurton
May 30, 2002 11:40 AM
Bob, Phil, and Paul keep referring to Tyler's crash in which he was scraped and cut up enough to need some stitches and lose sleep some nights. On which stage did this happen? I saw the small blunder in the time trial early in the race, but that didn't look very least not as bad as the crash the commentators are talking about. Anyone have any details? Or can you refer me to the stage breakdown somewhere? The guys talk about the crash, but never the details or the stage.

By the way, is it my imagination, or does Tyler crash abnormally often? It seems natural to see him bandaged up like a mummy. He also had some problems last year in the Tour. Is he a bit clumsy or rambunctious on the bike, or is it just bad luck?
Stage 5, Fossano-Limone PiemonteTig
May 30, 2002 11:47 AM
He crashed on the descent of the Colledo del Moro in stage 5 when his freewheel failed causing him to pretty much flip.

Yep, he's had some terrible luck when it comes to crashing. Sometimes it has been blamed on him getting too nervous.
re: Giro and Hamilton Question (not a spoiler)...No_sprint
May 30, 2002 11:54 AM
He went down really hard. Much harder than your typical wheel slide on a tight turn going slow. Really a nasty looking crash. He also had a 3rd crash during this year's Giro.

Yep, he's known for crashing, being a little squirrly and surely pushing himself 100% or more all the time.