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Bad Performance Bike experience (and I have a question!)(10 posts)

Bad Performance Bike experience (and I have a question!)woodes
May 30, 2002 10:22 AM
Like many of you, I have spent probably thousands of dollars at Performance Bike over the years. Several weeks ago, I ordered and received a U.S.E. carbon seatpost from them. It was an item already sold to and returned by another customer. How do I know? Insertion marks had rubbed off most of the decals, the washers for the adjusting bolts were missing, and oh yeah, the tube was crushed from the prior owner putting 300 foot pounds of torque on the clamp! I e-mailed Gary Snook (the owner of the company) a letter detailing this sloppy returns issue, and how they sent me a severely damaged part at full retail price!

So far, and several weeks later, no response. Although I did receive a refund, I really want to write/speak to someone at the company to convey my bad experience. I own my own business, and would appreciate the type of constructive criticism I have to offer. Does anyone have a contact number/e-mail address of someone at the company that will actually respond to my problem? Thanks in advance.
re: Bad Performance Bike experience (and I have a question!)WhoWasThat
May 30, 2002 10:49 AM
Sounds like they solved your problem.
They shouldn't have shipped that part. Sounds like a QC problem. But if you received a refund, it's not an entirely bad experience, and isn't really a problem anymore.
My experience with this shop is that they stand behind their products, and if you bring them back, they'll take em back, within reason.
judging by the usedstuff they set out on their clearance racks,bill
May 30, 2002 12:25 PM
they do more than take back stuff within reason. They say that they have an unconditional guarantee, and I believe it. I'm thinking about testing the policy by returning used Louis Garneau bibshorts that just sort of suck.
Aren't you the same guy that posted the SAME thing a while back?brider
May 30, 2002 12:45 PM
If you are, I'd have to wonder what your reasons are for re-posting this. Are you out to tarnish the reputation of Performance? Just looking for an outpouring of sympathy?
I wouldn't get bent over it!!Quack
May 30, 2002 1:24 PM
You said you've done thousands in business with Performance. Have you had other issues? If not, I would chock it up to an underpaid packaging slave not being inspired by his job for the few seconds it took him to pick your seatpost. As far as owning your own business and owning Performance Bike, I wouldn't call it an apples-to-apples comparison. He most likely has acknowledged your complaint and added it to the complaint lists that some poor manager is going to have to remedy at the next staff meeting. I wouldn't count on ever getting a response from him regarding something as trivial as a mis-picked seatpost. Now, if your racing club had spent $10K and received some defective equipment, you may actually get some response from the top man.

Don't get me wrong. They did you wrong, but they did give you all your money back. In this day and age, that is about all you can ask for in internet sales/service. Their margins aren't wide enough to kiss everyone's ass and still stay in business.
I agree with him being pissed offzooog
May 30, 2002 2:36 PM
To me it does not matter if it is a re-post or an update. Performance did a crappy job of selling an item. I personally stay away from performance as much as possible. Have never found them to be very great at what they do but sometimes there is no choice. So I say post and bitch and moan as much as you want.
Try Customer Service 1.800.727.2433Alpedhuez55
May 30, 2002 7:31 PM
I have had a couple of issues with them and both were resolved with a simple phone call.

One was a miscalculation on shipping a wheel set. They credited my card the difference within a couple of days. The other time was when I ordered a 36 hole hub and received a 32 hole hub in error(most likely Shimano's fault since the box was sealed and marked 36 hole). I had not opened the box until 4 or 5 months after I ordered it. It was well after any time that I would have expeceted a refund, after I called, they offered me either a refund or to send me out the correct part. I opted for the correct part which was received a few days later. I was planning on building the wheels that weekend so it was a little annoying but I think they responded well considering I returned the item months after purchase.

Mistakes happen. It could have been an error by them accepting a return or it could have also been with the manufacturer. I got worked up about a mail order shop that sent me mismatched length crankset and posted a flaming post on MTBR about them. (It was Dirt King who were very difficult on the return). A friend who owns a local bike shop was shipped the same mismatched (175&170) on cranks ordered from the same brand. Try not to jump to conclusions.

They have a responsive customer service department. Call them at 1.800.727.2433. I work in Customer service and think theirs is first rate. Emailing their owner might not do much good. I doubt he even got it. He is probably at the Giro or off riding somewhere. From my experience, If you write a nasty letter or scream at the owners' secretary, you are usually treated like a bit of a nut. The Customer Service people there are pretty efficient. Just call them, be polite and professional and I am sure they will resolve your problem. Write down the name and date of who you spoke with. If you have to make more than two calls I would be suprised. If they do not, challenge the charge with you credit card.

I am sure they will offer either a refund or replace the part. Maybe they will offer you a coupon or credit for a future purchase for your trouble. Do not expect much more than that though.

As Licoln said, "A drop of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of gall" Be nice to their customer service people and you will be treated well. Customer Service is a stressful occupation. I have worked in it for over ten years. I could not tell you how many times people have called screaming for a supervisor or even the CEO only to have me solve their problem in a couple of minutes.

Good Luck and let us know how it goes.

Mike Y.
Performance always does right by me...spyderman
May 30, 2002 9:58 PM
I have a great relationship with my Performance shop. If I screw up and order the wrong part, install it, and return it, they'll stand by me and give me full credit towards the correct part...

What more do you want? I mean really? Did they refuse to take the item back? Did you pay too much for it?

Sounds to me like it's time to grow up and realize that the world is not a perfect place...

It also sounds like you're having other issues in life...
Christ, you're a bit hard to pleasepmf1
May 31, 2002 4:14 AM
They sent you a defective/used part and then refunded your money no questions asked. And you're pissed because you can't complain as well?

Its a big company and they probably just made a mistake. It happens. Lots of other places would have accused you of ruining the part and not given out a refund. I don't think anyone working at Performance has ever thrown a leg over a bike. But they are pretty decent to deal with.

Ever returned anything to Home Depot? I'm convinced its their corporate policy to just tape it shut and stick it back on the shelf. Nothing like getting a set of blinds home and then discovering there are no screws in the box.
re: Bad Performance Bike experience (and I have a question!)getoffmywheel
May 31, 2002 9:50 AM
For a minute there, I thought this would be one of those internet company sent me the wrong part and won't give me my money back stories. People work at companies and it's reasonable to say that out of several orders that are sent out on an ongoing basis, someone is liable to make a mistake. It's the way the real world works, humans make errors.

They acknowledged the error by giving you a full refund. What else do you want to accomplish with this? Do you want someone to acknowledge you are significant?