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Taking your turn(4 posts)

Taking your turnstacker
May 30, 2002 10:05 AM
I ride with another guy and we normally ride anywhere from 25-40 miles on fairly flat terrain. Typically, we each ride up front for 3-5 miles and average roughly 20 mph give or take a tenth. Would we see an increase in average mph if we took less time up front and switched up more often?
re: Taking your turnmr_spin
May 30, 2002 10:13 AM
You'll go faster only if you go faster.

If doing long pulls is wearing you out and speed declines as the ride progresses, then do shorter pulls. I'd recommend shorter pulls anyway. When I ride with friends, we usually only do a mile unless it is really windy or we are feeling exceptionally good.
For my turn at the front when things are really flying, I watchbill
May 30, 2002 12:34 PM
my HRM. If the speed is there, I pull off after about 30 sec's to a minute, because after that I'm going to blow up (sometimes my speed can flag before I realize I'm beat if I'm not watching). I have been in lines where you can't even do that much, or, I couldn't, anyway.
With just two guys, I'm not sure what would be fastest, because you need a little recovery time or what's the point? I still would think that you would do better with less than ten or fifteen minutes at the front, though. Maybe two or three minutes.
May 30, 2002 5:00 PM
If you are really moving, ideally you'd only stay up front for less than a minute, at most. You begin somewhat recovered, start to go anaerobic, then pull off.

I've done this by setting an hrm alarm a couple beats above my AT. When the alarm sounds, I pull off.

Yes, you should be able to go faster with shorter pulls.