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Bicycle Pizza Delivery Service(36 posts)

Bicycle Pizza Delivery ServiceRadicalRonPruitt
May 30, 2002 9:26 AM
I am thinking about starting my own bicycle Pizza delivery service in the city. How would I go about getting venture capitalist to help fund the venture. I have created several healthy low fat recipes for pizza, and the bicycle delivery would help promote a more healthy lifestyle. If anyone is interested in helping fund this venture, please let me know.
try this...mr_spin
May 30, 2002 9:35 AM
1. Stop drinking the bong water

2. Buy a pizza restaurant. Run it successfully.

3. Offer bike delivery service.

There is no way you will ever get VC funding to run a pizza delivery service. It's way too small a business and the chance of payback is ridiculously low. Unless you have a rich uncle, the best you can probably do is a small business loan from the government.
One of my Pizza RecipesRadicalRonPruitt
May 30, 2002 9:45 AM
Here is one of my Pizza Recipes. Maybe you should try it, and then answer this question if it is worthy of venture capital.

1 tbs sugar
1 package of dry yeast
1 cup warm water
3 cups all purpose flour, divided
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1 tsp of olive oil
1 tablespoon of cornmeal

Disolve sugar and yeast in water and let stand for 5 min. Stir in 2 3/4 cup of flour, salt, olive oil to form a soft dough. Turn dough on lightly floured surface, add remaining flour.
Coat bowl with pam, place dough in bowl, cover and let rise for 1 hour.

Punch dough, roll out and on PAM coated pizza pan and sprikle with corn meal.

Actual Pizza Recipe up next. Stay tuned.
Asian Chicken Pizza from RR's KitchenRadicalRonPruitt
May 30, 2002 9:52 AM
3/4 cup of rice vinegar
1/4 cup of firmly packed brown sugar
1/4 cup of low sodium soy sauce
3 tbs of water
1 tbs of minced peels fresh ginger
2 tbs of chunky peanut butter
1/2 to 3/4 tsp of crushed red pepper
4 garlic cloves
1/2 pound of skinless boneless chicken breast cut in bite size pieces
1/2 cup of reduced fat reduced sodium swiss cheese shredded
1/4 cup of part skim mozzerella cheese
1/4 cup of chopped green onions

Combine first eight ingredients in a mixing bowl, stir well.
Spray Pam in a non stick skillet over med heat. Add chicken and saute for two minutes. Remove chicken from pan. Pour rice vinegar mixture into pan and bring to boil over med high heat. Cook the mixutre for six minutes or until slighly thickened. Return chicken to pan. Cook until Chicken is done. Should be consistancy of thick syrup. Sprinkle cheeses over crust and then top with chicken mixture. Bake at 500 for 12 minutes. Pull from oven and sprinkle with green onions. Enjoy. RR.
If This Plan Takes Off Through Venture Capitalist FundingRadicalRonPruitt
May 30, 2002 10:00 AM
Then it will probably be a sure bet that you will see RADICAL RONS photo in your grocers freezer isle next to the TOMBSTONE and the RED BARON.
For your spokesperson...mr_spin
May 30, 2002 10:03 AM
You can hire the Colorado Cyclist cover girl!

By the way, are you going to deliver these pizzas to my supermarket on bikes?
Colorado Cyclist GirlRadicalRonPruitt
May 30, 2002 10:08 AM
First of all, no I will need big trucks with refridgeration units to deliver the pizza nationwide to the Alfredson's, Rameys, Dillons, Cub Food, Price Chooper, IGAs, Jewels, Aldis, and Safeways markets.

second of all, I like the idea of the Colorado Cyclist girl selling my pizzas. Thanks for the idea. I know the VC will be impressed with that one. Will you require payment for you idea if she signs up with my company?
Wait a minute...mr_spin
May 30, 2002 10:16 AM
How did we get from bike pizza delivery service to big trucks with refrigeration units delivering frozen pizzas to markets across the nation? Which is it?
Wait a minute...RadicalRonPruitt
May 30, 2002 10:19 AM
It is both. Locally, I will encourage the use of bicycles to deliver fresh pizzas to local neighborhoods in larger cities. People are looking for healthy pizzas as well, and there is good money to be made in the frozen pizza department. So that is part of the business plan as well.
Wait a minute...No_sprint
May 30, 2002 10:34 AM
You know nothing about what you're talking about. To set up an entire distribution system to compete with those already in place is completely absurd.

Markets have their own distribution channels that handle their distribution from their own locally placed centers. Markets also work with wholesale distributors to get their product to their centers. They have huge volume contracts and deals to keep costs under control and keep things affordable. You'd have no chance slidin' in underneath their radar to get to the big markets. You'd be working solely with a few mom and pops around.

More costs.... You will surely price yourself completely out of your market if you're makin' pizza in chicago and Junior's market in San Antonio agrees to try 20 of them to see how sales go.

Sometimes ignorance is an ally. Surely so in your case. Good luck!

Let us know how it goes. (Doubtful) You had another completely absurd idea that you promised to completely outline a while back that just up and disappeared.
now that is a bit unique...will try this one (nm)ColnagoFE
May 30, 2002 10:00 AM
now that is a bit unique...will try this one (nm)RadicalRonPruitt
May 30, 2002 10:02 AM
Please be sure to post your thoughts once you try it. I know you will love it. Like I said, I plan on being in your freezer section of your local grocer.
that;'s a pretty basic crust recipe...nothing too specialColnagoFE
May 30, 2002 9:59 AM
I mean at least add some basil or garlic to the mix to make it interesting.
that;'s a pretty basic crust recipe...nothing too specialRadicalRonPruitt
May 30, 2002 10:01 AM
For this particular Pizza, the crust is irrelevant, because the toppings will do the talking. Enjoy.
VC fundingmr_spin
May 30, 2002 10:00 AM
Look, you are nuts if you think you can get VC funding for your pizza business. Nuts. I don't care how good your pizza may be.

Unless you are incorporated, you have no chance of getting VC funding. VC firms take a huge chunk of stock in return for their cash. They then expect you build the business strong enough (i.e., increasing profits for at least four quarters) to either:

1. Do an IPO so that stock can be traded and increase in value

2. Sell the company to another business, in which case the net profit on the sale is divided equally into all shares of stock.

Unless you have a business plan, you have no chance of getting VC funding. Your plan needs to be more than "I cook pizza, I sell pizza, I deliver it on a bike." The VC guys will want to know what your plans are for future expansion, how you will compete against Domino's, Pizza Hut, etc. Finally, they will want you to explain clearly how they can get their money back tenfold over a couple of years.

Figure out all this stuff and you still won't get VC funding, because no respectable VC firm will invest the funds for the AFL-CIO pension fund or the State of Minnesota in a pizza restaurant. Because most restaurants fail, and few of the ones that survive really make any money. Restaurants like the one you want to open are usually a labor of love, and that's why you need a rich uncle. Don't have one? Try marrying one.

By the way, no VC will fund opening a bike shop, either.
VC fundingRadicalRonPruitt
May 30, 2002 10:05 AM
I have a business plan. Not only does it involve actual locations, but it also involves the manufacturing of these pizzas to be distrubuted through a grocers network. The VD is to help build the infrastructure in order to make, box, freeze, and deliver RADICAL RON's Pizza to a grocer near you.
You catch more than Bob ship! You should host a fishing show! nmKristin
May 30, 2002 10:29 AM
Sorry, thats Bob Shipp. (nm)Kristin
May 30, 2002 10:33 AM
Amazing, 410 hits & everyone knows he's a fraud. nmLen J
May 30, 2002 12:56 PM
I don't think I'd call it "Radical Ron's Pizza" if it was me(nm)ColnagoFE
May 30, 2002 12:34 PM
VC fundingSintesi
May 30, 2002 11:06 AM
You do realize this guy is just blowing wind up your skirt, don't you? You are arguing with simple troll. Stupidity and baiting is his shtick. You have wasted precious time trying to be rational.
VC fundingRadicalRonPruitt
May 30, 2002 12:30 PM
Actually, I am being very serious about starting up my own business. Why is that so hard to believe. Try my recipe, and you will see how good my Pizza is.
yeah but he's a fun troll to feed (nm)ColnagoFE
May 30, 2002 12:34 PM
LOL agreed.No_sprint
May 30, 2002 12:37 PM
Too bad he's short on other tricks. Doubtful he could even sit on command!
Allright guys but remember. He's your pet.Sintesi
May 31, 2002 5:13 AM
and you are the ones who have to take care of him and make sure he's brushed, watered and fed.
I have some good ideas for other opportunitys as well.RadicalRonPruitt
May 30, 2002 10:22 AM
I am trying to develop a 3d application that would allow a CAD program to operate effieciently on a Windows CE device while still maintaining large detail, like in the case if you are developing an office building.
RR, coupla suggestionsNo_sprint
May 30, 2002 10:26 AM
Firstly, if you're going to get any funds at all, bank or not, you're going to need a full bore business plan that'll be picked apart to infinite details.

This is completely regardless of how good anything is. Funding will based upon the business model. Great ideas with crappy business plans and models never begin. AWFUL ideas with great and convincing business plans materialize and fail all the time.

If you need help, I am a consultant specializing in the areas of strategic analysis, planning, marketing planning and analysis, business analysis and planning, image building, etc. Email me at I've got approximately 15 years experience.

Next, that recipe you mentioned, might well be good, but can be had at any gourmet pizza shop in the land. There are many in my area that I can think of already. That pizza is the farthest thing from healthy. Take a look at all the simple sugars in there!!!!! Brown suger, regular flour? Man, I don't eat anything near that unhealthy ever. That is Domino pizza style. The only pizza I eat is whole wheat crust, lowfat cheese, grilled chicken, etc.

2ndly, delivering pizza by bike will be inherently inefficient which will lead to higher prices. You'll need to have these shops in only the most densely populated areas with lots of apartments. I can't imagine some kid tooling around Plano delivering pizzas. You'd easily have a 25 minute ride for one delivery if you're not in the right area. Next, how about the hilly areas? In my particular area, you'd be looking at some REALLY slow delivery times going up some of these hills. It would be impossible for an out of shape 16 year old on his huffy and be trying for an experienced cyclist as well.

You'll have to have some wildly outfitted bikes if you get a nice order for a family with drinks, salads, etc. The keep warm rack on the back of the bike will be large and heavy enough with 4 pizzas in it. Looks like specially made panniers and handlebar racks will be a required part of your costs.

All in all, this is a low margin business thriving on volume and it is already absolutely overflowing with competition. With all your increased costs and limitations, it aint lookin' good. Let us know when you get started!

FYI, I saw a Little Ceasar's sign last week. I think a large was goin' for 5.99 or something. Hurtin'....
reLooks like th bi-polar pendulum has swung back up nmdzrider
May 30, 2002 10:56 AM
remember kozmo?ctisevn
May 30, 2002 12:11 PM
ask somebody from the former (and perhaps again to be) how well delivering food on bikes works. and pizza, how would you keep the toppings from sliding around?
remember kozmo?RadicalRonPruitt
May 30, 2002 12:31 PM
Connection was refused when I tried to visit there.
the site is defunct; it closed downweiwentg
May 30, 2002 4:46 PM
that's what he's trying to say. of course your connection was refused! :)
RRP and VC Investor meet to discuss RRP's planAllisonHayes
May 30, 2002 1:10 PM
"Boy, have I got a deal for you, VC Investor," says RRP. "I've got these fancy new Bicycle Pizza Delivery Service; everything, you can get it delivered to your own living room. What do you think?"

"Sounds nice," says VC Investor, "How much do I need to invest?"

"For you, my friend, a bargain," says RRP, "Only three hundred million dollars."

"I'll do it" says VC Investor.

Four months later they run into each other again, RRP is driving an expensive car and has a large diamond ring.

"Hey RRP, you crook," says VC Investor, "Remember my investment?"

"Sure," says RRP, "what about it?"

"It was lousy," says VC Investor, "I didn't earn a thing--you went broke."

"VC Investor, you dummy, of course you didn't," says RRP. "That was a delivery business model, not an earning model! What do I know from pizza?"

(RRP drives off dreaming up his next scam based upon his very own voodoo economics.)

Voodoo economics--I'll stichk it to you before you stichk it to me.
May 30, 2002 1:40 PM
Here's an idea that would have been heavily funded three years ago.

Open a bunch of pizza restaurants offering free pizza and free delivery. Anyone can have as much as they want, all delivered free. Maybe even throw in some beer and soda.

The catch? Sell advertising space on the box.

It's brilliant. It's a win-win for everybody.

(This idea might even challenge Webvan for the most VC money burned, although the $800 million lost on Webvan would pay for a lot of pizza!)
Brilliant indeed--qualifies as a voodoo economics winnerAllisonHayes
May 30, 2002 1:53 PM
Selling space on the box, absolutely! Why didn't I think of that? Another great way to turn dough into money. :)
Acting Like Radical Ron For A Day Is ToughRadicalRonPruitt
May 30, 2002 2:29 PM
re: Bicycle Pizza Delivery Servicefirstrax
May 30, 2002 5:20 PM
VC = vulture Capitalist.
VC's usually look for 75%+ stock ownership of anything they fund.
Work hard, take your time and do it yourself.