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universal bike mount-installation(3 posts)

universal bike mount-installationpkompath
May 30, 2002 5:39 AM
I own a pickup truck, and am irritated that I have to transport my bikes in the bed lying flat or leaning against the sides. Furthermore, having them not attached to anything makes me worry that they'll be stolen. The cheapest solution I've found is the universal bike mounts that can be attached to a flat surface, and then I would run a cable through the opening for security. The concerns are: Would I need to drill through my truck bed to attach the bike mounts? If I attached them to a 2x4, then how would I keep the board, bike from sliding in all directions?, and is it bad for the forks with the slightest movement? I do not want to drill holes in the bed. Any suggestions, reccomendations, etc. would be very helpful.
That's what I do.Spoke Wrench
May 30, 2002 6:10 AM
I have a Ranger Splash truck. I used a treated 2X4 and cut the ends to match the contour of the side of the truck bed. It stays put pretty well with no fastening. I just leave the back wheels loose. I have a cable with two keyed-alike padlocks that I run through the bike frames and wheels if I leave the truck unattended.

Most of the makers of the fork mounts also make a bar that is designed to clamp across a pickup bed, but they represent a pretty expensive alternative to a 2X4.

I used to make my own fork mounts, but they cost me almost as much as buying a commercial mount.

The only problem I've had was that some low life once stole one of my fork mounts.
Mine's almost the sameretro
May 30, 2002 6:58 AM
I used a 2x8 because that's what I had in the garage--cut to fit the contour of the sidewalls at the front of the bed (straight across on the right side, a little whoopty in it to clear the gas filler on the left) and three fork mounts. Angle the mounts a little so the handlebars can overlap. It doesn't slide much, and if it does, it won't hurt anything. All the bikes can do is roll back and forth in the bed a few inches.