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General Post for a Thursday...(4 posts)

General Post for a Thursday...EJC
May 30, 2002 5:25 AM
...well, it is almost JUNE!!! How is everyone's training regimin coming?

I believe someone had asked what your mileage to date for the year was, but how do you FEEL your Level Of Fitness is right now?

Now that summer is upon us, how is everyone's race schedule or event schedule looking? Post what races or events you are training for, and how you feel you are coming in getting ready for them

So what is it? What are you racing? What Cat? What Events?

I am training for a peak in July, for the Empire State Games. I am racing a qualifier this weekend in Albany. I also hope to do some minor races, and want to finish my season by doing Ironman Florida (in the fall - I still enjoy amateur triathlon racing, especially the long distance stuff!)

Feeling good...getting better each week...biknben
May 30, 2002 6:28 AM
I race both MTB and Road. I'm more serious with the MTB racing but do nearly all my training on the road so I figured I might as well race on pavement too.

After 3 MTB races I finding myself slightly over my head in the Expert class. I moved into an age group with fewer riders that are unfortunately just as fast or faster than last year. In a field of 15 riders I'm struggling to break top 10. I'm sitting 7th in the state series (NJ) and setting myself up as the spoiler. If any guys get lazy and miss a race (often happens in late summer fall) I'll move up in the standings.

On the road I prefer to just do the mid-week training races. IMO, they offer all the benefits of weekend races without the huge field, huge heads, and dangerous situations. Anyway, I'm making waves in the cat4-5 (as an unattached) and a couple of the teams are taking notice and starting to look out for me. Major ego boost.

All in all it's looking good. I'm hoping I can keep it all going after my second child is born within a month. I'll have to cut back but should be able to maintain what I've got.
Am I Fit? I'm about to find out.Jon Billheimer
May 30, 2002 6:47 AM
Due to a record-setting cold Spring I'm set to do my first club TT tonight. Right now there's about a 40 kph west wind blowing, so it'll probably end up more as a gut check training ride than a race. In spite of our totally pukey weather this Spring I've dutifully built my base on the rollers, but have done very little high end work. I think I'm about to pay my dues!
I'd be fine if I could keep from getting sick!hrv
May 30, 2002 9:09 AM
Between colds, etc., and a medical condition, I'm having a hard time keeping a steady build of fitness going. I'm running a fine line between getting pretty strong or pretty weak. This is my first year of riding/racing so I'm just figuring out what my body can handle right now.

I know it's not really a great goal but as long as I finish with the pack for now, whether a fast group ride or training crit (cat 4/5), I'm happy.

My plan is to do the state road races / time trial in August, and a century end of July (around 12k of climbing).
Maybe a 16 mile hill climb / time trial June 16 (point to point) , but I've just started training for that and it might be a day of brutality I'd just as soon miss!