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new for me: red cleats and sore legs(2 posts)

new for me: red cleats and sore legswillem72
May 29, 2002 9:22 PM
Hello All

After about 10 years of riding Looks with black cleats, I changed to red cleats last weekend. My physio says I have 'good alignment' through my hips, knees, ankles and foot, and I've never had any problems on black cleats, but I figured all those floaters out there couldn't be wrong, and that red cleats shouldn't hurt me.

I've wracked up about 150kms so far and I'm becoming accustomed to the sensation of my ankle wandering about etc. I am also experiencing a little knee pain: outside, lower quadrant of knee from front-on), plus some discomfort in the lower leg: front, outside, running length of shin but mostly towards the knee. The pain is by no means debilitating, or even constant, but it's there, where before there was none.

What's your experience? Did you have an initial break-in period and then no more problems? or have you had to revert to black cleats after trying red because the pain became too much over time?

For info: I'm 59kgs, 5'11", a spinner (ie 95rpm + all day), and I've not changed any other element of my position, style or equipment.

And yes, isn't the final phase of the Giro looking fascinating!!

Secondary muscles working double duty...biknben
May 30, 2002 5:20 AM
With the black cleats you were locked in position on the pedal. Now that you have float your muscles have to work to keep your foot alligned properly on the pedal in addition to pushing the pedal down as it always did.

It's kinda like going from a weight machine at the gym to free weights. Free weights are more difficult because you not only have to lift the weight but keep it in position and balanced.

Give the muscles a little time to get used to the float and stengthen and the pain may go away.