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continuing on the boy/girl thread, what about no drop?(5 posts)

continuing on the boy/girl thread, what about no drop?bianchi boy
May 29, 2002 7:04 PM
How do you define a "no drop" ride? Is it one where everyone sticks together the whole time? Do you separate on hills and regroup later? Or do you just make sure that nobody is left alone?

I ask this because I went on a group ride one time where the ride leader said at the beginning it was no drop. All went fine until about halfway through when the leader really started slowing down on the hills. I was with a friend who wanted to go on ahead, and he knew the roads, so we proceded back to our cars. We did not leave the ride leader alone, however, because he had a couple other slower riders with him. Anyway, when they got back to the parking area he was really pissed and let us know it. I felt bad about it, but also felt he over-reacted. We hadn't left him stranded or alone, so I figured everything was cool.

On most of the group rides in my area, if you can't keep up, you get dropped. However, generally at least one other rider will cover the stragglers to make sure they can get back OK. That seems like a reasonable policy to me. After all, it doesn't seem fair for the whole group to ride a slower pace just because one or two people can't ride that fast. I've been dropped many times and I don't take it personally and don't feel hurt -- because I've never been in a situation where I couldn't find my way back.
Just make sure no one is alone.MSA
May 29, 2002 8:56 PM
Even in the groups I ride in, who are pretty mellow, there is never a "no drop" rule. Usually, the group might break up into several packets of riders of differing abilities, we just make sure that no one rides alone. And everyone regroups at rest stops. But it has been made very clear to me that if you can't keep up you get dropped. Nothing personal or malicious, just normal roadie etiquette
No one rides along seems like a good policytarwheel
May 30, 2002 4:45 AM
That way nobody really gets dropped, but the faster riders can get in a good workout as well.
No-Drop group rules...Cima Coppi
May 30, 2002 4:52 AM
As I wrote in the "boy/girl thread" the group I joined has a "No-Drop" policy. Our ride leaders make a concerted effort to keep the group together more to keep riders out of trouble (i.e. mechanical, issues with drivers, etc). I have a lot of respect for our ride leaders, as it is a major logistical undertaking to keep a group ride organized. More often than not, the riders in the group do not help the leader in his/her task.

Another issue in the no-drop rule is liability. Although we sign a liability disclaimer before every ride, I sure the ride leader still feels enormous responsibility for all on the ride. If a group goes off the front with out notifying the leader of their intentions, then a leader could easily be concerned about their well being if they are not seen again.

IMO, if a couple of riders in the group feel really strong and want to go off the front, this is fine. Just keep the leader informed. I have done it. We notified our intentions to the ride leader, so there were no issues, and the leader could focus on the other riders who stayed with him/her. Alternatively, I have also seen riders who are struggling tell the rider leader to continue on w/o them. What it comes down to is good communication makes for a better group ride.

No-Drop group rules...LC
May 30, 2002 8:17 AM
Yes you do need to tell the leader if you are going to stray from the group either ahead or behind. If it a good size group all the leader can do is take a count and if he or she comes up 1 or 2 short then it could be your ahead, behind, or even took a wrong turn.

If you are that much stronger than the group, here is a good way to get a work out. Ride from the front to the very last person, make U turn and repeat this till you have got your fill. This not only helps the leader since you get to check on the slower riders, but you get a better work out too.