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Elbow pain...Cause?(2 posts)

Elbow pain...Cause?sntacruzSL
May 29, 2002 6:51 PM
I'm experiencing a lot of elbow pain in my right (dominant) arm. Holding your arm straight out with thumb pointing up, the pain is in the lower muscle portion. I'm consciously trying to keep them relaxed and bent, but it's not doing anything.

Any thoughts...Could I be cramped in the cock pit? To stretched out?

re: Elbow pain...Cause?BrianRo
May 29, 2002 8:13 PM
I had a similar problem, but in my non-dominant (left) elbow. It seemed to be more of a tendon problem for me though. I traced it to this (I think anyway). My right shoulder hangs a little lower than my left and for whatever reason, this caused my left arm to bear more weight, thus a greater amount of tension, than my right elbow, when I had my hands on the hoods, which is where mine sit most of the time. I also happened to be a little cramped though as I was always wanting to put my hands on the tops of my shifters. It turns out that my seat was too forward also (I had the local shop do the drop-line test from my knee to the spindle on my pedal). So, I moved my seat back, putting my knees in a better position and also stretching my torso out over the bike which caused my arms to stretch further as well. For me, this solved everything. No pain or soreness anymore anywhere, including my elbow. Hope this helps. Good luck.