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Excercise Induced Asthma...anyone know anything about it?(8 posts)

Excercise Induced Asthma...anyone know anything about it?EJC
May 29, 2002 3:58 AM
Oh the joys of aging and developing new and nasty things...

For the first time in my "adult" life, I have developed some nasty environmental allergies. I have begun taking Claritin for them, and thus far, it seems to be working...HOWEVER, something else has been happening.

After an extremely hard or sustained effort, I now hack and gag until I feel like I am going to puke. It always occurs POST effort, but it is gettting awful. Last night I did a duathlon, and after tha race I could barely breath I was coughing so hard.

If these are allergies, they have moved deep into my chest. I coughed myself to sleep last night and this morning I feel as if I have a down comforter down my chest and I am continuing to hack (unproductive cough - nothing coming out from the chest).

Is this symptomatic of Excercise Induced Asthma?

EJC - hack, gag, cough
Not necessarily asthma, but see a doc...Spinchick
May 29, 2002 5:02 AM
I have mild asthma that is/was primarily exercise induced. In my experience, it has always occurred in the beginning of any hard effort. I saw a pulmonary doc about it who gave me the following advice: Before you begin your ride (or any hard exercise), do some light to moderate cardio work first. Bring yourself to the point just before you start wheezing, then stop and focus on slowing down your breathing and taking regular breaths. You may need to do it a couple of times before you can continue without wheezing. I've been doing this routine for years now and rarely do I need to use an inhaler anymore (although I always carry it when I ride).

On the other hand, your symptoms may not be indicative of asthma. It's nothing to mess around with so be sure to see a doctor about it.
re: Excercise Induced Asthma...anyone know anything about it?hikerryank
May 29, 2002 5:51 AM
I've had asthma since I was in first grade (24 now). It has gone from full blown give me the inhaled steroids to now just affecting me when I get sick or allergies come up. As Spinchick described it, my symptoms usually started during the time I was exercising. Starts off with the wheezing and hacking, then goes to the feeling of breathing through a straw. After exercise, hack for a while, load up on more meds and eventually feel better. Though what you are experiencing doesn't sound like my experience, don't mess around with it. See a doctor. From my experience, it is always a couple weeks before I feel completely up to par after a full blown attack. It can really throw a wrench into your training. See a doc and find out what is going on so you can do some more research yourself.

re: Excercise Induced Asthma...anyone know anything about it?Jon Billheimer
May 29, 2002 6:04 AM
At the ripe old age of 56 I began experiencing exactly the same symptoms, but ignored them until they started to become chronic. My doctor diagnosed the symptoms as allergy-triggered asthma, which he says is not uncommon. Bronchodilator and corticosteroid inhalers quickly brought the problem under control for the balance of the allergy season. Last year the symptoms appeared earlier so I went back on maintenance treatments. Luckily, this year I'm symptom free. So see your doctor. This is an easily treatable problem.
going today...EJC
May 29, 2002 6:21 AM my coughing and gagging have been getting worse this morning, and after reading these posts, I made an appointment with my doc. I see him today. This is miserable, and if it is easily treatable, then I can get back to riding and enjoying the mountains here!

Thanks folks!

asthma...since i was 2Fender
May 29, 2002 10:19 AM
I've had asthma since I was two.. now I'm 21. what you described could be the allergy induced asthma, from which I also suffer, especially after mtb races. don;t joke around with it. two months ago I ignored my allergies and went on to race a 50 mile race with terrible headwinds. now, considerings its a desert, imagine all the dust that got blown around. I was sick from asthma for about a week. not good. missed two days of school, three days from work...
I'm glad your seeing your doctor, and make sure you get some free samples cause asthma medication is expensive.
what's the verdict?Ravik
May 29, 2002 10:26 AM
I battled the same symptoms in the cooler weather but have pretty much put them behind me. The easy warm up and warm down help, but in cold weather I still hop to an inhaler my doc prescribed.
Good luck!
re: Excercise Induced Asthma...anyone know anything about it?cp123
May 29, 2002 10:04 PM
from one coughing, spluttering and often gasping member of the asthma community, i can understand the frustration. Like the others have said, it doesn't sound like "normal" asthma but i'm no doc. just speaking of my own experience.

But if you work it out, take what they recommend and get it under control you'll be ok. I've been on cortisone preventers plus relievers for yonks. I generally (said with fingers crossed) only have a bad time with it over winter - and we're down to about -2 degrees C here now. God help me when its -7. And after a hard ride, generally, the cough can sound quite "chunky" and loose as opposed to unproductive. Hope i'm not grossing you out here. So when it all gets too hard and i start dropping off the rides because i can't handle the cold dry air, i usually ride inside.

good luck - let us know what the verdict is.