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Scandium and its strength/fatigue life...(3 posts)

Scandium and its strength/fatigue life...Ride-Fly
May 28, 2002 10:12 PM
Scandium is supposed to be lighter and stronger than regular Al but have a shorter fatigue life correct??? Is it because Sc being a stronger/stiffer material has less elasticity and so fatigues faster?? Curious because, the Merckx Team SC is a frame I am looking at purchasing in the near future. How many seasons would you speculate a Team SC frame would last assuming I'll ride approximately 3,000 miles a year. Thanks all.
re: Scandium and its strength/fatigue life...slow-ron
May 29, 2002 5:44 AM
I'm no expert on this but I'll relay what I know. SC7000 tubes are esentially 7000 series Easton tubing with a small % of scandium added. (The Russians perfected this process while making missles.) The added scandium adds strength to the tube. It's supposed to be quite a bit of strenght but I don't know the actual percentage. If a scandium frame is advertised as lighter I'm going to assume that the tubes were drawn differently than regular 7000 series aluminum because I wouldn't expect a big difference in the specific gravity of SC7000 vs 7000.

I've heard that the fatigue life of SC7000 is better than that of regular 7000 series alum. and not worse as you've mentioned. If you've heard that the Merckx SC has a shorter fatigue life it could be because Easton has taken the tube diameters to the minimun for this frame.

As for how many seasons the bike will last, that's an impossible question to answer. If you weigh 100 lbs and ride on roads like glass the frame may last forever. If, however, your a clysdale and ride on bumpy roads the frame life will be reduced because of the increased flexure seen by the frame.

What's the warranty like on this bike? Get the bike, ride the hell out of it and if it breaks you'll probably be ready for a new one anyhow.
re: Scandium and its strength/fatigue life...Leisure
May 30, 2002 3:48 AM
I'd say buying scandium right now you can expect shorter lifespans on average just because all the companies are using the material properties to get lighter frames instead of longer lasting. I've heard the same things slowron has heard; Scandium is supposed to have better fatigue properties for the same weight, which is exactly why everyone is using it to make lighter frames. It also has a steel-like feel to it (this part at least I know first-hand from test-rides) which is kind of nice.