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Litespeed aluminum bikes(5 posts)

Litespeed aluminum bikesMuskrat
May 28, 2002 5:00 PM
Does anybody have any experience or opinions concerning these bikes? Are they new for 2002? Thank you.
re: Litespeed aluminum bikesTig
May 28, 2002 7:09 PM
I have yet to ride one. They are made in Taiwan and not in the US like their Ti models, if that is of any concern to you. I'm sure there are plenty of other similar bikes out there for less $. However, after looking very closely at several Sirius and Hyperion frames at an LBS, I found them to be of extremely high quality. In fact, they are down right beautiful in person! The welds and paint were top notch. I really like the design of the CF seat stays, too.

I don't think LS needed any aluminum frames in their line, but at least the one's I've seen appear to be worth owning. None of this means much without a test ride though.
May 28, 2002 7:20 PM
better bikes - like my TCR!!! - are available at lower prices. not that I've ridden one, myself...
re: Litespeed aluminum bikessimstress
May 28, 2002 9:26 PM
A teammate bought one recently and loves it. Its handling is great. She says it corners so much better than her carbon Trek. Our coach rode it and said that if he had to select a team bike, a Litespeed Al would be it. But there could be less expensive bikes out there that offer the same feel.
re: Litespeed aluminum bikesCarbon fiber fanatik
May 29, 2002 2:01 AM
Seems as though everyone is jumping on the AL tubed/carbon stay bandwagon. I've ridden the litespeed, nice ride. On a whim, I bought a Scattante from supergo to build up over the winter for something to do. First ride? Most impressive. Not quite the finish quality of a lot of "known" names, but then again, paint has nothing to do with performance. It's now in my ever growing collection. Ride on...