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Sun and WARM temps invade the North Country!!! SPOILER...(3 posts)

Sun and WARM temps invade the North Country!!! SPOILER...EJC
May 28, 2002 6:37 AM
...Caution, this is a spoiler post. In this post there is a mention of a conversation about the Giro...

FINALLY, decxent weather and warm sunny skies appeared in the Adirondacks! It was time for riding without arm warmers, rain-gear, and long fingered gloves!

We managed to get in approx 300km of riding this weekend AND LOVED EACH AND EVERY KILOMETRE OF IT!!!

Some locals bitch and whine about all the tourists here for the Holiday Weekend, but I rather enjoy seeing all the riders, runners, and folks out enjoying themselves! Even if they aren't top level athletes, they are out doing it, and riding bikes! THAT is a wonderful thing to see and live in!!!

All in all a grand weekend! And we managed to talk about the Giro without people getting all snooty about not having the results ruined. Ah yes, the joys of free speech...


Hey EJC...Wannabe
May 28, 2002 8:08 AM
Oh never mind! :)

We finally had some nice weather here too. Saturday was 53deg and raining. But Sunday was 73deg, sunny, with howling winds. I went for a long (for me) ride on Sunday that was just brutal. When I finally was able to turn north and head home, The road headed immediately up a little hill. I watched my computer as I accelerated and at 19mph, I could still feel the wind on the back of my legs! I noticed the wind was strongest on the hills heading home. It's nice "cruising" up a 1mile long, gradual hill at 30mph! What a rush that was! And this was the first ride of the year that I didn't have any spare clothing in a back pocket!

However, it is now Tuesday, and after my 90k ride on Sunday, my legs are still sore. First time my legs have been sore since January! Not just tired, SORE! They are more sore today than yesterday... and I even managed a 50min recovery ride yesterday.

But alas, I'm still slow! Even with long stretches of roads heading north, I still only averaged 18mph for the 90k. It never ceases to amaze me at the strength of riders in my club and the incredible stuff people here on this board do. MB1 and Ms. M. are just two people I admire greatly. And DougSloan? When he said "I ride mostly alone, it's hard to find someone to go out and do 250miles with!" Sheesh!

Good thing this week is a recovery week and I am not supposed to ride at all today, tomorrow or Thursday with only 10-15miles to do on Friday...

See-ya EJC, and keep that yap closed! :) Did you hear about that bridge collapse in the Giro today?

May 28, 2002 11:11 AM
I hear you Andy! I am still sore and tired myself! Damned aging! I wish I stil had the legs of a 19 year old!

I am supposed to race a duathlon tonight, but the legs may not allow for such silly behaviour!

As for that bridge collpase at the Giro, no I didn't hear. But I did hear that they kicked Casagrande out for being the prime suspect in the Chandra Levy murder case! ;-)

Cheers Andy, recover well!