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How do you measure bar reach and drop?(5 posts)

How do you measure bar reach and drop?SDR
May 28, 2002 2:48 AM
I am looking at the Deda 215, but don't want to change my reach to drastically. I wouldn't mind having a shallower drop, but I have know where I am supposed to measure to determine drop and reach so that I can compare my current bar to the Deda. Any ideas?
depends mostly on your top tube and arm lenghtPaul
May 28, 2002 3:27 AM
A rule of thumb is to put your elbow at the nose of your seat, and with your fingers fully extended, should be about 1 inch from center of handlebar. Of course your seat should be correctly setup for fore/aft and height. I like a 3.5 inch drop from seat to bar. I do this by putting a lever on my seat and out over the handlebar (make sure the bike is on level ground), and then measuring down to the bar. Too much of a drop can cause neck compression problems.. How much extentsion/drop you have depends on your stretch and riding position, and type of riding. If you have a threadless stem, you can change spacers to give you more/less drop by stacking them above/below the stem. Again, general rule is for an one inch drop from seat to bar. If you are too stretch out, you will experience shoulder/back pain.

If you are comfortable with your current setup, why change?
re: How do you measure bar reach and drop?davet
May 28, 2002 4:35 AM
Reach and drop are measurements of the bar itself. I believe reach is from the center of the tops to the forward edge of the curve where the shifters would be attached, and drop is measured from the drop to the portion of the bar above it. I think all measurements are from center to center.
Bar measurementNessism
May 28, 2002 4:54 AM
Different manufactures measure their bars differently. Some measure center to center and others measure to certain outside dimensions. I have a Excel table listing dimensions of many popular bars - many of which were measured by myself. Drop me a note and I can forward you a copy.

FYI, the Deda 215 anatomic has a fairly short drop and medium reach. For the most part, anatomic bars have a short reach and deep drop though so keep this in mind.

May 28, 2002 6:17 AM
This website,, has dimensions posted for many different brands and models of handlebars, stems, etc.