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hey DY....(2 posts)

hey DY....dustin73
May 27, 2002 9:48 PM
you still ride the Adidas Evil Eyes? how are you liking them, and what did you ride before?

i've searched all of Austin and San Antonio and no has them. most people/shops respond with "huh?" even the 2 shops that Adidas listed on their dealer search didn't have the Evil Eyes. one even said they'd probably not even get them. i can score a set (glasses, extra lenses, case, and some sort of bag) of the red ones for $80 new. i just bought a pair of the Oakley Half Jackets 'cause i couldn't find the Evil Eyes...think i would benefit by shelling out another $80 to try them out? they're brand new (the guy won them for being an overall winner in the state racing series) but i've never physically held them.
re: hey DY....DY
May 27, 2002 11:58 PM
Hi Dustin. $80 seems like a good deal. Mine cost about $150 (I'm not really sure exactly though since I was dealing with German Marks). I really like mine. Never had a problem. The 3 things I was looking for in glasses and never found here was, interchagable lenses, lots of venting and a frame that fit me well. The Evil Eyes fit the bill and I bought a pair even though expensive. I keep them in the hard case when not using them so hopefully they will last a while. I don't know why they are not available here. Adidas has a website so you can see what they look like, It's hard to say if you will like them. I bet you'll like the performance, but maybe not the way they fit you, etc. The great thing I like is that they are so adjustable, so it is almost impossible to not come up with a great fit. I also like the venting. I used to wear Spys, but they would seriously fog up when I got really hot. With the Evil Eyes no fogging. A little side note-The eyeglass store that I bought them in had this set-up to do a "wind test". They sat me in this chair, put the glasses on me and let it rip. They cranked it up and then checked how the glasses fit. If they moved with the wind, how well they shielded my eyes, etc. Interesting how detailed the Germans can be. I've never seen anything like that in America. Hey if you buy them and don't like the way they look, maybe I'll buy them from you. I was looking to buy some with more color. I just have the black and grey. One more thing...have the person tell you if the frame has a circled "S" or "L". The "L" stands for large frame size and the "S" small. The small is for youth and women.