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sitting in .... still benefit?(2 posts)

sitting in .... still benefit?neube
May 27, 2002 11:42 AM
lately i've been (lucky) tagging along with the racing team from a local club on long rides.

i'm 'not allowed' to ride off the front - so i spend my day sitting in.

i'm strong enough to keep up with the 5 top guys all day, but just barely (the ride starts with 8-10 guys... the 'b team' comes along and eventually get dropped)

my question is: will these workouts translate well to solo efforts? (i'm a triathlete) or am i better off riding in a group in which "i'm allowed" to take my turn at the front of the line?

thanks guys
re: sitting in .... still benefit?merckx56
May 27, 2002 1:22 PM
not allowed to ride in the front? you will get a bit stronger by merely sitting in on a fast ride, but to truly break throught the plateau and get a lot stronger, you have to pull! it may cause discomfort, but that's the way it goes! in our group, about 35-40 leave on any given tuesday and only about 1/2 get back in the group. if all of those people actually took pulls, we'd come home with 10-12!
as for the not being allowed to ride on the front, F those guys! maybe they're afraid of you! just don't ride the aerobars in the group. that's bad juju! in my eyes, there's more valor in taking youR turns on the front and getting dropped than sitting in and making the whole ride!
people here in town comment how easy the tuesday rides are for them when they never stick their noses in the breeze!
I have a sticker on my seatstay the says "BOO-HOO...PULL THROUGH!" take the pulls and reap the rewards!