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cars being driven by non-cyclist are evil...(18 posts)

cars being driven by non-cyclist are evil...Carbon fiber fanatik
May 26, 2002 12:43 PM
So here I am, setting a quick 25 mph pace, gusty wind from about 120 degrees, concentrating on keepin my line while still on the aero bars when all of a sudden...WHAM..! A conversion van with I'm sure a t.v and cruise control, blows by me, tires crossing the white line which i'm precariously perched on, missing me by a gnats hair! No doubt lolled into stupidity by the armchair the driver is sitting in, looking for yard sale signs. Narrow escape, this time... Crashing, dosent scare me, I've been there, what bothers me is ignorance. I dont like the idea of being taken out by some buritto eating fool, paying more attention to the lead in his foot than what is going on around him. I guess my neon yellow shirt and mango painted bike wasn't enough of a clue that I was occupying the same stretch of road. Please excuse me for venting like that. For no car, truck, van or any other form of gas guzzling, earth wrecking vehicle is going to keep me from a true passion in my life, cycling. I'll be at it again tomorrow, anyone wanna join me? Ride on...
re: cars being driven by non-cyclist are evil...filtersweep
May 26, 2002 1:18 PM
You sure he didn't see you? Some of the more enlightened and skilled drivers have been known to play "let's see how close I can get to the cyclist without hitting him/her game."
re: cars being driven by non-cyclist are evil...Carbon fiber fanatik
May 26, 2002 2:59 PM
There was no way I could not have been seen. Thats what irks me, people who play that game. I got tagged by a semi trailer once. About 10 years ago, tore me up. The guy honked as he drove off. I stopped riding on the road for years because of it. What really bothered me most about that "event"? Nobody stopped.. A mile walk with a bloody and broken body and my (at the time) pride and joy schwinn, mangled, to make a phone call.
the "game"...jromack
May 26, 2002 7:57 PM
This Saturday I was a participant in the "game". It consists of a driver approaching from the rear getting as close as possible to me and sounding the horn.

As the red car sped off after sounding the horn, I realized that the car was stuck in a line of traffic. I sped up and approached the driver's side.

A rather obese redneck gal with a cigarette in one hand and a donut in the other was munching away while listening to some loud country station.

Her window was down, so I got closer and doused her with ice cold water from my water bottle and made a quick u-turn and sped off to my house going the back way. In the background I could hear her shouting obscenities at me.

Looks like this time I won.
Ha ha! Traffic lights are great levelershayaku
May 26, 2002 8:55 PM
Good work. Why do so many Americans (And people from other nations too) have such obtrusive aggression problems? I typed a transcription once about the diagnosis and treatment of depression and aggression as it relates to other health problems and addictions. This doughnut eating, cigarette smoking, obese woman sounds like the prototypical case study.
I think you did the right thing but she will run you down and back over you if she sees you again.

Take care brave soul.
ok, i give up...dustin73
May 26, 2002 11:06 PM
am i the only one that seems to think a lot of roadies are assholes? i mean sure, most who are have reason to be, but come on, throwing water on a girl? that doesn't do anything but add fuel to the fire. if i were that chick, i would've turned around and followed you very closely for a while and messed with your head.

and "no car, truck, van or any other form of gas guzzling, earth wrecking vehicle..."? should we all stop wearing leather, too, and become vegan? yeah, i wonder how many y'all would turn down an Escalade or a Denali if given one.

maybe i'm a rare one who, when escaping a close call, says "asshole" and is done with it. if someone wants to hit me, fine. i'll get over it when their insurance is paying for my new bike and hospital bills. you know, if it's worse than that, c'est la vie. that's the risk i take for riding on a 1 lane country road with no shoulder. if that really bugs you, confine yourself to velos and rollers.

unlike a lot of y'all, i yield r.o.w to vehicles about 99% of the time. or, if i see a car coming behind me, i'll get over as far as i can, and even slow down a little, just 'cause they are bigger than me and will screw me up a lot more that i would them. i avoid city riding, if possible, i ride when traffic is light, and i try to avoid narrow roads lacking shoulders.

i'm done.
Behavior Modification...jromack
May 27, 2002 5:28 AM
I have a right to be angry, not only was the cow's stunt mean and nasty, it was downright dangerous.

I hope the next time she feels the need to be a jerk to a cyclist, she may hesitate.

The reason she did it to begin with is the fact that she thought she could get away with it.
ok, i give up...MJ
May 27, 2002 9:55 AM
I like that you can leave it (driver aggression) behind you so quickly - it's a good quality

you have to remember that not everyone has the same riding options as you - for riders in urban hell you'd better take and hold your lane, there's no yielding and when somebody's an idiot you let them know so they don't do it again -

somebody follows me in a car to mess with me is going to be asked to step out of the car - or dealt with at the next light - encasing yourself in metal may make drivers feel safe (and behave far more aggressively than their normal personalities - but there's always the great equaliser is just ahead in the form of a red light or a traffic jam...
ok, i give up...Carbon fiber fanatik
May 27, 2002 12:17 PM
You dont ride much do you? Any motor vehicle on a public road, must yeild to traffic ahead. That includes "Asshole Roadies". Intentionally trying to force them off the road, or throwing pop cans, is not only illegal, its also asinine. I applaud anyone who stands up in defense of idiot drivers. As far as my comments pertaining gas guzzling vechiles? You need to read again because you totally missed the point. Cars have their place and need and tormenting cyclists isn't one of them. Well, I'm gonna jump in my vette and drive 1 mile to the store for some steaks...
May 27, 2002 6:28 PM
i ride everyday. somedays road, some days mtn, some days working on trials stuff at home. point in fact, i've put my fair share of time on the road without any confrontations...and i even live in a hick town that's ruled by dualed out, jacked up, glasspack installed Z71s. why? 'cause i acknowledge the fact that they're bigger than me and there's a chance if i don't protect myself, i'll get hurt.

now, i've gotta hop in my truck and go get some Copenhagen. care for a dip?
actually...Carbon fiber fanatik
May 28, 2002 2:06 AM
My whole point was that, it gets irritating that people dont watch whats going on around them, unless you are a yard sale, deer or the ocassional bear. Some of the roads around here can cause a death grip on the aero bars and may even cause you to swallow your copenhagen. Not to mention the logging trucks, thats another story. Then there are the rusted out buicks dad used to drive with the $1000.00 stereos packed with bored teens... Well, time to go to work, so I can afford to build up that new "fixie" I've been eyeballing. Peace..
That was childish and imature and........jeffss
May 27, 2002 8:04 AM
just about the best thing I have heard all week. The pig got what she had coming. The only thing is she may have been to stupid to realize why she got hosed.
wAY TO GO!!!!!!!
the real loserwink
May 28, 2002 11:19 AM
The real loser in your tale is the next bike rider this fat chick sees...I strongly disagree with your actions.
re: cars being driven by non-cyclist are evil...Patrick Simmons
May 27, 2002 12:01 AM
I've had the (almost) opposite experience this morning on the way to work.

Driver shouted at me on a roundabout (UK) after failing to give way to me. I pointed this out, even managed not to swear at him.

Next set of lights he rolled up alongside and apologised. That's really made my day. best of all it lost him all his street cred with other drivers.
re: cars being driven by non-cyclist are evil...metty108
May 27, 2002 4:11 AM
Politeness of drivers is a regular occurance
here in England. Many a sunday club run (or even
solo)we have drivers holding back from us before
accelerating away slowly when it is safe.
You do get the odd nutter, but this is very rare.
It was quite nice on sunday, we stopped at the road
side so my riding partner could eat a banana, then
about 10 MG cars of every vintage came driving past
us, and everyone of the occupants gave us a wave and
a smile.

re: cars being driven by non-cyclist are evil...Stampertje
May 27, 2002 9:41 AM
Most Dutch drivers are reasonably polite, or at least smart enough to give you enough room. Perhaps because of the drilling they get from their driving instructors, or perhaps because there's just so many of us cyclists around. The US is the only country where I've ever been yelled at on a bike (and there it was a weekly occurence).
re: cars being driven by non-cyclist are evil...Aegis_guy
May 27, 2002 1:00 PM
i have never ridden anywhere outside of the U.S. but I cannot imagine any place worse. I commuted by bike for about two years in Atlanta and quit because of the drivers. Getting yelled at by idiots, passed at 55-60 mph within arms length with two lanes open and challenged to fights with rednecks as I drove through an industrial area (usually on Friday evenings after they had a couple,I assume) was commonplace. Screw the fat chick! I wish I had the chance to get back at some of them.
re:What people see is what they drive towards..jrm
May 27, 2002 2:54 PM
That's why youll get the "brush" every once and while. This is why i dont use aero bars anymore. Oh and full finger gloves dont hurt either.