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Armadilloes: I can't get them on or off...(7 posts)

Armadilloes: I can't get them on or off...Djudd
May 26, 2002 11:41 AM
I have Campy Omega Strada Hardox rims, after last weekend's four flat ride I bought Specialized Armadilloes. It took an hour to get them on the front rim at the cost of a tube. Now I can't the tire off to change the tube. These things better be extremely flat resistant because this would be a disaster on the road. My question is are the tires so impossible to dealt with because of these rims or the rim/tire combination? I have another set of rims that are'nt as deep as the Omegas but am reluctant. This tire struggle has ruined my riding for the day. Any suggestions would be appreciated?

re: Armadilloes: I can't get them on or off...curlybike
May 26, 2002 12:05 PM
The difficulty is determined by the amount of drop down to the surface where the rim tape is laying. As I remember, Campy rims were always tight, because the diameter of that surface is larger than many. You can help by making sure the rim tape is the thinnest available. Also make sure the bead stays in the center of the rim as you try to install the tire. Some tires stretch after the first install, so hope for that. The real question is , what caused the 4 flats and did you resolve that problem? Sometimes flats are not due to the tires.
re: Armadilloes: I can't get them on or off...Crankist
May 26, 2002 2:59 PM
I installed a pair of 28s last week on my wife's piece of crap rims. It was a struggle and cost me a tube(repair) too. I find the ride on these tires way too harsh and would far prefer to deal with the flats. In fact, I actually LIKE
changing them (merely one small facet of a thoroughly fried brain in motion). Her 'dillos (hey watch it!) are her prob.
re: Armadilloes: I can't get them on or off...daniell
May 26, 2002 4:45 PM
I have a pair on my road bike. Though difficult I am able to manage. I use the Var tool for installation. Without it, It would be much more difficult. For removing, I use three steel tire levers. I already cracked a plastic one. By the way, where can I purchase them on the web?

you can buy them on the Specialized site...nmDjudd
May 26, 2002 5:34 PM
re: Armadilloes: I can't get them on or off...newhouse
May 26, 2002 5:20 PM
on my commuter bike i have a pair of armadillos on campy omega rims. the first time i put them on i ran into the same problem (i busted my knuckles so many times i was ready to give up!). the next time i had a flat it was tough to replace but definitely not nearly as bad. it has definitely gotten easier but not easier than if i had foldable tires. good luck.

i have since replaced one of my armadillos (it got sliced on a piece of glass) with a conti ultra 2000. it has worked just as well, was cheaper, and a heck of a lot easier to install.
A growing trend?cory
May 26, 2002 8:12 PM
I rode for 20 years and never had any trouble mounting any tire on any rim. About five years ago, seemed like they started getting tighter. I wonder if fear of liability if the tire rolls off the rim might have them making tires tighter... I've used Dillos since they came out, but last year I blew off a century after I had a flat in the first 10 miles, then sat by the side of the road screwing with it for 40 minutes. I broke two plastic levers and one of those Crank Bros. tire tools before the SAG came by with a steel lever.