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Cannondale road bike frame sizing(8 posts)

Cannondale road bike frame sizingMr G
May 26, 2002 2:42 AM
Hi All,
Just wanted to get some advice on frame sizes for my height 172m.I have been given varying sizes what I should go for,have read up numerous articles on bike sizing and I'm still stuck what frame would be best for my 172m frame.Although my inseam is only 76cm my upper body is longer so my reach is perfect on a 54'' Cannondale,what do you think?
I also heard that Cannondale's come up smaller than other frames is this true or crap?
All advice will be appreciated,many thanks.
Mr G
re: Cannondale road bike frame sizingJohnG
May 26, 2002 5:30 AM
Are you positive that your inseam is only 76cm??? If so then you have a very long torso!

I would actually recommend a medium TCR frame. With a 55cm tt length and a sloping TT it will fit you MUCH better than the Dale. IMHO, it's also a better frame. More comfy and just at stiff where it counts. You can get a 2002 ONCE team TCR frame/fork/HS for $600 too! :)

Oh, I've owned a 54cm Cadd 5 and it fit like my other 54cm frames. I.e. Dales DON'T feel smaller than their measurement.

second the TCRweiwentg
May 26, 2002 8:35 AM
holy crap, your inseam is just an inch more than mine, and I'm 5'3"!
but anyway, with goofy proportions like that, you would do well to consider a compact frame. and the TCR is one of the best - I suppose you could get Seven to do a custom compact, but that gets expensive. has TCR frames for $600 - ONCE replicas, no less! - , or you could check eBay. medium frames show up a lot. gvhbikes is closed right now, but he'll be back at the end of the month.
Dales are pretty big frames - I won't fit on any of them. it seems I can only fit on compacts.
second the TCRBroomwagon
May 26, 2002 12:20 PM
Question on your TCR, given the longer TT on TCRs, did you have to go with a shorter or higher rise stem?

I currently have a Trek Y-foil and am trying to replicate my cockpit measurements on a TCR that I'm thinking of buying? However, the 53.5cm TT seems kind of long. However, the slope is affects the effective length, doesn't it?

Ammendment to inseam measurementMr G
May 26, 2002 12:35 PM
Yeah what a dope!my inseam is 80cm not 76cm,so 54'' frame bike would seem right do you think?
That sounds more like "normal"JohnG
May 26, 2002 1:46 PM
OK, now you're almost exactly the same size as me. Inseam 81.2cm and height 172.7cm.

I fit 54cm frames perfectly. My medium ONCE frame is just a tad too long in the TT for me so I've got a small on order.

You would fit the 54cm Cadd frame perfectly. FWIW, I'd still suggest that you take a look at a small TCR frame. I personally think it's a better riding frame than the Dale.

Oh, answer to other posters question re the sloping TT and sizing. Sloping TT's have NO impact on sizing per se. Go by the effective TT length to figure the correct size. The TCR's fit a tiny bit larger than their spec.

That sounds more like "normal"Mr G
May 26, 2002 2:17 PM
Thanks John,
for the sound advice this reassures me big time,I had tried 52'' Cannondales but was put off with the lack of reach,54'' just felt right.There is a lot of size tables out there all giving conflicting info.
Cheers to all.
Mr G
Try these sizing calculatorsKerry
May 26, 2002 4:26 PM

For adjusting the fit of the bike, there are roughly five starting points:

1. Seat height (top of saddle to center of pedal axle) at 108-110% of inseam.
2. Saddle parallel to ground.
3. Saddle fore/aft adjusted so that a plumb bob from the bony protrusion just below the kneecap passes through the pedal axle when the cranks are horizontal. This is known as KOPS (Knee Over Pedal Spindle)
4. Front hub axle obscured by the handlebars when riding in your "regular" position (drops, hoods, or tops).
5. Top of handlebars 1 to 4.5+ inches below the top of the saddle depending on your flexibility and size.