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Bike Shops in London, Paris?(4 posts)

Bike Shops in London, Paris?blackjava
May 25, 2002 6:24 PM
Thanks for the info on my previous enquiry.
I have been busy packing so haven't had much time to check back on the forum. How about shops like Parker Intl or Pearson Cycles in the UK? How far and how accessible are they from London? Are these shops worth a visit as well?
Thanks and best regards.
re: Bike Shops in London, Paris?pedaler98
May 25, 2002 7:01 PM
Can't speak for london, but i spent four days looking for a decent bike shop in paris and, ironically, I found NONE. They generally sold crappy peugot bikes and just had ordinary parts and accessories---good luck
From Londonboneman
May 26, 2002 7:36 AM
Parker International is in Sherriffhales, Shropshire. That's NW of Birmingham, about 140+ miles from London and I definitely only mail order to PI. It's a couple of hour drive from London. Pearson's in Sutton, Surrey, which is a bit closer and reachable by train.

Besides Condor which is in town, there's Geoffrey Butler in Croydon which can be reached by train from Victoria Station. About a 20 minute train ride followed by a 10 minute walk.

Another store worth going to is Sigma Sports in Kingston. About a 30 minute train ride followed by a 10 minute walk. More stuff on display than at GB Cycles. It's amazing how much stuff they cram into this store.

An interesting place to visit is the frame builder, Chas Roberts, also located in Croydon.

I had a custom frame made there last year and if frames are of interest, worth a visit.

Railway information

Street map information, use the post code search engine.

From Londonwillem72
May 26, 2002 4:55 PM
I was in London late 2000 and was impressed with Condor - lots of variety, some genuine bargains and helpful staff. Also went to St John St Cycles in Bridgwater, Somerset (three hours on intercity bus), which is pretty interesting if you're heading into the (far) west country.