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LeBlanc is a BIG FAT &%#(3 posts)

LeBlanc is a BIG FAT &%#lnin0
May 25, 2002 4:57 PM
OK - this all started after reading statements from LeBlanc in regards to Saeco's inclusion in the TdF even after Simoni tested positive for banned substances.

Not that I care if Saeco is in or out - but I do seriously think the UCI needs to take more control over the selection process for these Grande Tours before they all become a joke.

Anyway, that's another post. What I really wanted to post are two statements made by LeBlanc with-in a few days time. Each statement is 180 degrees from the other.

First regarding Simoni and Saeco (made today), "I don't know of a guilty man anywhere who isn't given a second chance," he said. "The Simoni affair shows – if his explanation is confirmed – that we have to take into account instances where doping limits are reached by other means."

Yet, roll the clock back a few days and here is what LeBlanc had to say about Mapie's Garzelli, "I'm sorry that this concerns a well-known champion from a big team, a team who proclaimed, long and loud, a few years ago, that they were above all that (doping)...I remember that they agreed to an ethical ‘pact' according to which, if a rider tested positive, he would be pulled out of the race. Those pacts were made to be respected." Leblanc went further, implying that he would have acted to expel the rider — or maybe even the team — from his own race under such circumstances and admitted that he wasn't sure if he would have reacted in the same restrained way as Carmine Castellano, director of the Italian race.

Correct me if I am wrong but Garzelli has never been caught or even accused of doping before. So what I want to know is HOW THE UCI can sit around and let the fat bafoon run one of their premier events. IT IS TIME the UCI make cycling their own, and not let it be run by ever double talking idiot with obvious predjudices.!!!! (nm)JL
May 25, 2002 7:08 PM!!!! (nm)Bill B
May 26, 2002 12:59 AM
Neddy, dear, dear, sweet Neddy. NM