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colnago master x light(4 posts)

colnago master x lightAC55
May 25, 2002 8:32 AM
Any opinions on this frame is it worth the money or is it more show than go ?
re: colnago master x lightslow-ron
May 25, 2002 9:55 AM
This bike is the most comfortable bike I've ever ridden.

But, this bike may not be right for everyone. First off Colnago geometry fits my body better than most other builders and I weigh 200 lbs. My opinion is that the x light is a good lugged steel frame that's comfy for heavier riders. I think you pay for the Colnago name and the paint job but it's not all show, there's some substance below the gaudy paint.

I'd take one for a ride before plopping down $1,500 on a new frame.
re: colnago master x lightJohnG
May 25, 2002 1:28 PM
I had one for a while and at the time I didn't really care for the harsh ride quality. @150# I was just too light for the frame. Colnago says this frame is designed for riders who weigh more than 165# (or there abouts).

The MXL is VERY stiff in the BB and should work fine for a heavier rider. If you're stuck on steel, and you weigh less than 165#, and want a Nago then you should consider the Technos. Lighter tubing should make for a more comfy ride.

Note: My experience might be a bit different now that I've got a lot more miles under my butt. I owned my MXL "back" when I was just starting out in rode bikes. Funny thing, my "harsh" bike now (an ONCE replica TCR) feels pretty sweet.... so maybe the old MXL wouldn't be a problem now. ???

IMHO, the MXL would best be described as a "classic" frame. Not light or ultra tech but a nice "sweet" classic frame. It would make a good "club bike" in milder climates. I wouldn't recommend this frame (or any steel frame) if you live where there's a lot of rain or where they use salt on the roads.

Just bought one....DINOSAUR
May 25, 2002 6:29 PM
Just purchased one built up with Campy Record/Chorus mix. This is one sweet riding frame. The paint is pretty durable, but you don't have to go with an Art Deco LUX color scheme. I read review after review about this frame and it sounded like the type of ride I was looking for, and it was, plus some. I weigh about 220 and there is no flex in the bb at all, but the frame has almost a magical feel to it. It might not be the frame for everyone, mine tops in at 19.74 pounds, and comparing it to my Klein, the Klein seems to climb better but the Colnago is more comfortable for long rides. This is a classic frame designed for comfort and stability. I have a short torso for my height so the geometry fit. The tt length is not a factor until you get into the larger sizes. Colnago claims that the short tt aids with stability. I ordered mine, sight unseen from my LBS. The Robobank paint sort of set me back at first but it grows on you after awhile. Best way to find out is to ride one if you can. I have no regrets, just make sure you can handle the geometry...go into product reviews and view the reviews about the Master X-Light..