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Used vs. New -- BIANCHI VELOCE (Buying soon!!)(3 posts)

Used vs. New -- BIANCHI VELOCE (Buying soon!!)deemer
May 24, 2002 11:08 PM
What I'm wondering is: if new costs $1350, and used it's $900 (private party), is it worth it? Both are same size. If it sounds like a stupid question, I'm a newbie, so not sure what risks there are...

1. How much would I have to pay in maintenance for what would otherwise be free from store (for buying new)? (what else would they do for "free"?) All this talk of truing wheels, etc is scaring me.

2. What about risk of defects? (steel frame) What should I check for, better yet, who can do this for me? (bike store?)

3. What about fit? On a test ride, the standard 53cm felt fine to me. But who knows, maybe the stem needs changing this way or that. If I get someone elses 53cm, what will it cost me to have store check fit and/or replace stem?

Thanks for helping out.
Clarification--would be LOCAL/in-person purchase...deemer
May 24, 2002 11:31 PM
re: Used vs. New -- BIANCHI VELOCE (Buying soon!!)McAndrus
May 25, 2002 4:01 AM
Steel frames of the type are very sturdy and can last for decades if cared for well. So, I'd say the odds are good that the used frame is very suitable. My question would be, "how used is it?" There are frame design changes - like car model changes - that may impact it's ride - even within the same model. If you haven't already, inspect the used frame carefully for dents and cracks: in particular the seat tube and seat stays at the bottom bracket shell. (By the way, a paint flaw can also resemble a crack.)

If it fits and you like the ride, then I'd go for the $900 version. $450 will buy a lot of bike shop maintenance. Most of the things you've mentioned are minor and are easily learned if you have any mechanical abilities and a good bike repair manual like "Zenn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance."