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I get the feeling Bon Roll doesn't buy the Dentist story....(3 posts)

I get the feeling Bon Roll doesn't buy the Dentist story....chopper
May 24, 2002 11:56 AM
1,000 Angels of Death
The strum und drang has come to a grinding slowdown for hoi palloi who follow the Giro d'Italia. It seems as if life has gone out of the Giro, as sparse crowds were greeted with a torrential downpour lasting throughout the day -- as if even the weather understands the pall cast over the Giro by the drug violations by the top two men: Stefano Garzelli and Gilberto Simoni.

Athletes in the modern error walk a fine line as narrow as a laser beam in the desire to tell the truth and provide a modicum of protection for the sport most loved in the world. I think that's where Garzelli and Simoni seem to be caught -- on that razor's edge.

I think now is the moment that when you do the crime, you are also free to do the time and tell people honestly, without shame, the consequences of cheating with drugs to be a top athlete in sport.

You can fool some people sometime, but one should be free to tell the truth -- all the pressures included and none of the delusion athletes have to live under.

The truth will not only set you personally free, but it will return bicycle racing into the firmament where it belongs -- being the sport which most blurs the line between where we can recognize the ending off of earth and the beginning of heaven.
re: I get the feeling Bon Roll doesn't buy the Dentist story....von flash
May 24, 2002 3:06 PM
Who is Bon Roll?
re: it's Bob Roll he plays for Bon Jovi now nmcyclopathic
May 24, 2002 3:18 PM