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SIMONI OUT!(23 posts)

SIMONI OUT!rollo tommassi
May 24, 2002 6:51 AM
Saeco pulls Simoni from race.

Mercatone fire Sgambelluri.

I'm depressed.
re: SIMONI OUT!ttoth11
May 24, 2002 6:54 AM
Read a little farther down and you'll see that you're inviting a storm of protest for posting this. I don't mind, just giving you a warning.
re: SIMONI OUT!Wannabe
May 24, 2002 6:59 AM
While I do not view this info as a spoiler, others do, and are perfectly justified for thinking so. Bottom line is this:

1) should not have had the info in the topic line


2) should have been posted on the giro (TdF) board.

Your two pointsEJC
May 24, 2002 7:06 AM
1) A racer being removed from the race is not a spoiler. If the post should read who WON the stage THAT would be a spoiler.

2) I didn't realize that you had been appointed the governing body or policeperson for the forums and where each tid-bit of info goes.

Why are so many people so friggin' concerned. You bitch about not getting enough race info and coverage, then you bitch when you GET the info and race coverage. Make up your damn minds.

Your two pointstz
May 24, 2002 7:16 AM
1. A race leader not finishing a stage IS a spoiler.
2. Nobody is trying to censor the board. Several people just asked not to post anything about the Giro. Some, on the other hand, seem not to give a damn about the fellow readers, and post the damn news anyway. Thanks for being concerned about those who don't have OLN, though...
and again...EJC
May 24, 2002 7:19 AM
...this assumption of "not caring."

Yes, you are right. I don't care. I don't carre about all the delicate flowers who are too selfish to give a shit beyond their own desires to see the news BEFORE ANYONE else gets to discuss it in a public forum. I beg your pardon, but if anyone is being selfish and showing a lack of caring or respect, it is those who advocate keeping others quiet vis a vis discussing news.

Righteous EJCWannabe
May 24, 2002 7:17 AM
1. Read my post again. I didn't think it was a spoiler, others might and do, you should repect that. But I guess you don't respect other points of view obviously.

2. Me board police? Prior to my ill-advised reply to you, you've posted 3 times on this topic, me, once (yes it's Friday, and slow here at work, er, I'm on break).

People have the prerogative to be concerned about whatever they want. People ought to learn to respect that.

Righteous EJCEJC
May 24, 2002 7:23 AM
Ditto on the slow day here as well...

However, the stance that because I have a point of view that goes against the retarded LCD, I must not care. You dinks crack me up. You are so damn concerned about ANY little smidgeon of news gettting "leaked" to the populace you would think that Al Qaida themselves were planning some sort of news spoiler in these parts.

It just gets weary listening to the whining instead of just saying FOCK IT. Enjoy the fact that people are actually concerned enough to TALK about this stuff.

EJC - gettting ready to call "CNN" to makke sure they don't broadcast any "new" News until I get home to watch my videotape of the "old" news
Righteous EJCWannabe
May 24, 2002 7:27 AM
Man, you just don't get it do you. There is no censoring going on, no covering-up of the news, no ban against discussing the Giro, spoiler or no, just a request not to do it on the general board.

Oh well, you win EJC. I have a better chance of teaching my cat to play fetch than getting you to understand this.

May 24, 2002 7:35 AM
...Andy said I win. Goody. Now I can die a fulfilled and complete life.

But before I do pass away from this life, I must remember the wisdom of the Eastern Ancients, "Live your life well, so that before death, you may rememeber it and live it all over again. This time all the sweeter."

I guess I will just sit here today and mull over this delicisou victory and relive the glory. Thak you Andy, o' sage of the eternal wisdom and educator of the the Road Biking Internet World. If our paths had never crossed I would have passed away in a life of blind ignorance and sadness.

Why the hell did you think it was yours to teach in the first place?

May 24, 2002 7:44 AM
fer chrissakes it's a little tidbit about a friggin' bikerace. Guys are posting news about the Amstel Gold cup like it's breaking news ( I guess OLN televised it again last night). Lighten up ya'll, we get to have a blast doing and discussing something most of us fell in love with as kids. quit being so serious and hateful over a friggin' post. Now I want both of you to climb a big hill this weekend and when you are descending a long straight click out of your pedals, kick you feet out and yell "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!"
and dammit you're gonna want more cowbell!
Shame on me...Wannabe
May 24, 2002 7:46 AM
Learn to read, never said I was trying to "teach" you anything.

Let's go visit Cap'n Cut-n-Paste!!!EJC
May 24, 2002 7:54 AM we see the good Cap'n reliving your prior glorious post!!!

"...I have a better chance of teaching my cat to play fetch than getting you to understand this."

Now granted the vernacular may be less than obvious to your higher educated Philosophical mind, we have a statement that shows an intent to educate and teach. "...getting you to understand this..." is an indicattor of YOU playing teacher...BUT then again I am functionally illiterate and have advisors reading this to me. Thank you for mocking my inability and disability. Not very sensitive of others...

JCE <----cixelsyd
Let's go visit Cap'n Cut-n-Paste!!!atpjunkie
May 24, 2002 8:54 AM
are we going to have to send you both to a time out?
Ohm Mane Padme Hum repeat as necessarry
argue about how to create a peaceful planet
not a bike race or semantics

Spinning legs bring peace
Humble minds enjoy the ride
Spine Smile spin spin spin

I'm getting all Haiku on ya
crummy weatherWannabe
May 24, 2002 10:16 AM
This crummy weather has just about made me go off the deep end. For the last month, it seems that if for some reason ti gets over 60degrees the wind blows, and blows HARD. Last night, for the group ride, temp was at 70! HEAT WAVE! The only problem was the winds were blowing at 20-30 with higher gusts. ...I don't like wind... And it's all I can do to hang on to the fast guys one a good night. Anyway, my performance has me depressed. Yeah, yeah, I know, I should just ride more. But it's hard with a toddler in the home! Anyway, my apologies to the board, I'll crawl back to my hole now...

crummy weatheratpjunkie
May 24, 2002 10:20 AM
find your inner Phil and Paul, pretend your Belgian or Dutch and attack that wind head on. It's the flattest form of climbing workout you can do. Ride out into the wind, have it at your back on the way home.
cold feetWannabe
May 24, 2002 10:48 AM
The worst part about it is my feet. I have tissue damage in my feet from some pretty cool stuff I did in the NWT and now it doesn't take a whole lot for my feet to get cold. I came back from my ride last weekend and toes were BLUE! Oh man did they hurt when I warmed them up in the shower. I hate wearing neoprene booties in the end of May...

Tomorrow: High of 55 and raining. Arrrgghhh...

Same here...EJC
May 24, 2002 10:50 AM
...23 degrees here yesterday (that's Celcius for you folks not in the know...about 73-74 degrees F) and on the group ride last night it was blowing like a cheap Bangkok hooker!

Head winds (double entendre intended) made for a less than enjoyable ride, especially when I was on pull!

Anyway, no worries Wannabe, if I took ANY of the things that are posted on this board seriously I'd go mad!

Cheers, and I belileve tomorrow is supposed to be a banner day! Have a good ride!


re: SIMONI OUT!rollo tommassi
May 24, 2002 7:02 AM
thanks. I shouldn't be surfing at work anyway! ha ha.

I live to spoil everyone's day ;)

on the other hand, it is certain people in the sport that are spoiling my day...

(back to work!)
I don't get itzooog
May 24, 2002 7:48 AM
Whats the arguement. Who cares where the Giro is discussed. People post all kinds of stuff here. In fact, I get most of my information right from this board. It is a great board but sometimes to critical. Lets have fun. Good weather for a long weekend of riding.
I don't get itjschrotz
May 24, 2002 9:56 AM
So do any of you ladies care to actually discuss the topic at hand or are you just going to bitch, moan and argue whether or not this news is actually a spoiler?

What the hell is Saeco thinking? In their press release (which doesn't mean a damn thing, having worked in PR for a while) they express confidence in Simoni and his innocence, but they're still yanking him? WTF?? Stand up and have some balls by keeping him in at least until the B sample's result is known. If Italian cycling wanted to be seen as a joke after last year's World's road race, it's making sure of it now.
The state of Italian cycling...EJC
May 24, 2002 10:57 AM joke, this year's Giro is quite the sepctacle, and not in the fashion the organizors were hoping for.

It is a sahme really. They have been trying to clean up Italian cycling and it appears to all be for naught. You have Italian Carabinieri selling and providing dope to riders, riders testing positive for all sorts of odd chemicals, and have four Mapei riders getting busted with ampules in Beligium (two days ago). This is sad.

One thought comes to mind...How will this effect Simoni and his attempt at unseating Lance in the Tour this year? Will he be allowed to participate in the Tour? What kind of extra scrutiny will the Tour Squads be under, and how much extra security will the Tour Squads have to have to assure NO tampering with their bottles, food, etc...?

There have been some exciting things in the years Giro, but what the hell!

And why is it folks like Cippolini, McEwan, and others DO NOT test positive where the riders who have TONS to prove and are extremely vocal in the media do test positive (granted Cipo is omnipresent with media, but he wins and has of yet, tested positive for dope!)?

The state of Italian cycling...atpjunkie
May 24, 2002 11:32 AM
ah peace in the neighborhood. Simoni most likely if the 2nd test comes up positive or non negative will be suspended therefore no Tour. If he can't compete most likely Saeco will be dropped. This provides an opportunity for Coast or Acqua Sapone to maybe get an invite. Tampering isn't the issue, most of these drug tests coming back are from previous races. The Tour and The Giro will have the same level of testing regardless. Bottles and food are provided by their teams souigniers(sp) and coaches, hard to spike this stuff. People get caught because they are dumb, simple, cycling has the tightest scrutiny and people still try and cheat.