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Road bike or touring bike?(7 posts)

Road bike or touring bike?DougG
May 24, 2002 5:54 AM
I've mountain biked for several years and have now decided to buy a road bike. I want this bike just for riding around country roads for excercise. I can get a good deal on either a Jamis Quest or a Jamis Nova, which is marketed as a cyclocross/touring bike. I notice the Quest has a 52/42/30 crankset and the Nova only a 52/39 plus the Nova appears to have a little more upright riding position. Would the Nova due for what I want? Would the the three ring crank be necessary? I notice the higher end bikes mostly have two rings.

You'll notice from the questions I know nothing about road bikes. Thanks for any help you guys can give.
re: Road bike or touring bike?ClydeTri
May 24, 2002 5:57 AM
if the roads are somewhat bumpy, rocky, dirt etc, the cyclocross might be the better bike, if very hilly, the triple chainring might be better..if you can test ride them, if one of them fits you significantly better than the might want to go with that one..there is no definitive answer..oh, and about the triple chain rings..dura ace now comes in triple, so, dont think about quality..just how strong a rider you are and how hilly your terain is.
re: Road bike or touring bike?SteveO
May 24, 2002 6:25 AM
i think the triple is not an indication of being 'higher end'; moreso its image.

the higher-end bikes are(often) the racing bikes. No self respecting pro would ever need a triple. No racerboy wannabe would ever be seen with something not used by the pros. Therefor, no triples on 'racing' bikes.

If you live in the mountains, go for the triple.
otherwise, double is fine (in fact, on flatland, single is fine).
You guys are right.DougG
May 24, 2002 6:31 AM
I should have posted I ride in western VA and souther WV. The roads are very hilly. I'm sure the triple ring on the road bike would be much more comfortable for me.
re:Personal biases expressed here.dzrider
May 24, 2002 6:27 AM
So take this for what it's worth. Mount light tires on a touring bike and you have a pretty fast road bike. Some racing bikes don't have clearance for tires that work well with a load or on dirt/rough roads. My choice, because of its versatility, is a sport/touring bike.

The double or triple question is answered by personal preference as well as fitness and terrain. I use a triple more to preserve the gear ratios I want in my middle range than to provide and easier easiest gear.
Use the right bike for the right purposeelviento
May 24, 2002 8:11 AM
So will you use the bike for road riding or cyclocross/touring?

If you will go out on a road and do a 30 miler and then go home, get the road bike. If you will be traveling on bike for days with luggage or riding offroad, get the touring/cyclocross.

I don't see the big deal about a triple. If you are even considering a triple, you probably wont' really need the 12T, so get a 13-27 and you will be fine on most hills. 39-27 at a cadence of 55 translates to about 5-6 mph. If you are going slower than that you might as well dismount and walk.
May 24, 2002 11:18 AM
Quote: "If you are even considering a triple, you probably won't really need the 12T."

How's that? I use a triple, and most defintely use the 12T. Those long steep hills that require a triple for me to climb, also make for a really fast descent where the 12T comes in handy.

In SW VA and WV, I'd not hesitate to buy a triple. In fact I'd not consider a bike that wasn't.