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Some philosphical thoughts on cycling....(13 posts)

Some philosphical thoughts on cycling....ClydeTri
May 24, 2002 4:54 AM
Notice all the posts about how fast you do your rides, how many miles you already have in this year, but, dont notice many posts about how much you have enjoyed your rides, how many nice people you have met, how many deer or wildlife you have encountered, beautiful flowers on the side of the road, or stopping to eat blackberries while cycling. Is it all about mileage and speed? I think this mindset sorta explains some of the differences in mountain bikers and roadies. In general, I sense that mountain bikers are more into the ride for the experience of the ride, while roadies are more into max mileage at max speed. Again, that is a generalization with exceptions on both sides. I have been to a few century rides and one week long state ride, and, it seems so many are just interested in getting in that pace line and hammering away. Bet they miss some neat things along the way because they are having to watch that wheel in front of them so they won't wreck, rather than the interesting stuff along the route. Have a good one.
re: Some philosphical thoughts on cycling....DougSloan
May 24, 2002 6:08 AM
MB1 "An illustrated Ride Report" 5/14/02 11:04am

Yes, wheelsucking limits scenery enjoyment. People ride for different purposes at different times.
re: Some philosphical thoughts on cycling....koala
May 24, 2002 6:29 AM
The only reason I ride is because I love it and it frees my soul. Now at 46 I dont care about going a million miles or how fast I am. It is my fitness tool and stess reducer and I when ride with racers I typically get dropped climbing but manage to hang on the flats. Those rides I enjoy least. I like early morning rides when deer are feeding etc. I am lucky enough to live in upstate N.Y. where it is scenic and there are plenty of rolling hills, woods, lakes etc. I have posted on my wall at work every ride is a victory for the soul(I got it from this board).
I don't think thats truegrandemamou
May 24, 2002 6:45 AM
at all. There are lots of threads about scenery, wildlife, weather etc. I really enjoy a good group ride where everyone is working together to push the pace. I love racing and the feeling of reeling back a breakaway.

I also love to just take off and go Gumpin. I can fully appreciate the world around me. If it weren't so, I can get every bit the work out hooked up to my trainer. I ride with a buddy who is a Tri guy who does most of his training on a trainer. He rarely ventures out on the road to train. It works for him but I really don't get it. But thats ok because I relly don't get why someone would throw down a perfectly good bike to run.
"take off and go Gumpin." thats the funniest **** thing128
May 24, 2002 12:00 PM
I'm crackin' up.. Really. And is one of my favorite aspects of biking...
But now, I will be forever susceptible to being in the middle of a Gumpin, and burst out chuckling out of context over this phrase.

Is that a southern thing? or what!? Did I miss a hip cat term?

Hell I'm going Gumpin tomorrow. Don't the Ausies call it "goin' walkabout"? Don't know if there's a Northeastern corrollary. "Piss off and take a hike." Maybe??

Thanks for the laugh. That was the only philosophy I needed....
Here are some other perspectives for you, grasshopperAllisonHayes
May 24, 2002 6:51 AM
A butterfly observed about the tree, "I have been here all my life and this tree hasn't done a thing."

Hang around and party for a while, maybe get a little crazy too, you'll see this is a pretty good bunch...

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Here are some other perspectives for you, grasshopperAllisonHayes
May 24, 2002 6:55 AM
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re: another bs philosopher weighs in.dzrider
May 24, 2002 7:03 AM
I like the sensations of exertion when I ride hard and enduring when I ride long and feel the need to push myself for part of every ride. There is no longer a need to measure or quantify the effort. I don't use a computer or wear a heart rate monitor. I wear a watch and make a note of how long I ride and try to get back on time.

Riding isn't sight seeing for me. Neither is it a chance to socialize. I look around when I'm someplace new and chat with folks on group rides but at a certain point I'd rather put my head down, shut up, and ride. For me much of the joy of riding is in the effort and the way my mind, body and spirit respond to the effort.
the way I see it...elviento
May 24, 2002 8:27 AM
the joy of riding is mostly in the physical effort and knowing I can go 40+mph just by burning my own fat instead of gas bought from Sadam. If going out of the city to see flowers is the dominant goal, I'd just get a Harley.
re: Some philosphical thoughts on cycling....zero1
May 24, 2002 8:36 AM
i use to ride hard about 20 yrs ago but now that i am 52 yrs old or young, which ever you prefer, i am just happy that i can still ride after just about ruining me knees from 20 yrs of running...i usually ride by just gives me time to do some thinking...but i also sometimes like to push myself to just to see how long i can keep a certain pace going...i try to ride 4 or 5 times a week with one lnog ride thrown in...i don't think its how fast you go or how slow you many miles you do or don't do... just as long as you are out there enjoying it...i read an article one time and the author made a comment: just remember we are all adults on a child's toy....ride safe and enjoy....
On the Ontology and emotivism of cycling origins:128
May 24, 2002 12:19 PM
" Maaaaa! Daaaaad! I REALLY WANT A BIKE!! NOW!"

...and there was motion.

This of course does not include the new testament:

"It's $2,500?? For a bike??"
"Well, I'll be gathering parts to put on it, umm, that's for the frame."
"No, no, the fork is included, too."

...and so God abandoned man, as it just got out of hand from there.
read on and see that there is much you may have missedTig
May 24, 2002 12:35 PM
You have a good point on some posts missing some of what a ride can be about. However, being proud of one's accomplishments and improving progress is one of the joys of cycling as well as enjoying the surroundings. I love to ride fast with a group that challenges my ability, but manage to spend plenty of riding time spotting hawks and smelling the scent of wild flowers. Here's a post I made a few weeks back during a big discussion on how amazing it is to see how far you can ride/let's get rid of cars. Give this group a chance and you'll discover there is a wide variety of viewpoints and great depth of personal character.

I won't contribute to the debate of bikes instead of cars. That has been covered quite well already. Instead, I'd like to share how much more enjoyable it is to ride a bike than it is to drive in a car. Sitting on a recliner-like seat with a cushy suspension, insulated from the surrounding countryside by glass and a sound-insulating cabin is almost like sitting at home watching TV. Granted, driving through urban sprawl is where the car is at it's best, especially during nasty weather. I agree with Doug on his practical points. But to ride, you get to sense so many extra things like the various fragrances of wild flowers, the subtle changes of temperature when going from a wooded grove of trees to an open field.

Slowing everything down from 65 MPH to 20 opens the doors of perception even wider. Instead of wind noise and over-played radio songs, we can listen to birds, crickets, each gust of wind, the soft hum of skinny tires on various pavement surfaces, our own breathing, and so many other sounds that would be blocked inside a car. We feel the surface irregularities and the push or pull of the wind with each stroke of the pedal. We can become a part of our surrounding instead of a remote and insulated observer. Riding can be a Zen-like experience to anyone who opens his or her mind and senses. And no, I don't use drugs! LOL
re: Some philosphical thoughts on cycling....Me Dot Org
May 25, 2002 9:16 AM
I think one of the interesting things about riding a bike is that it can be internal or external. By that I mean that you can focus on your heart rate, your breathing, your pedal stroke, your position...or you can oblivious to all of that and focus on the scenery, the smells, the sounds.

Yesterday my bike ride was both. I took some hills hard, pushing things a bit, but I also saw a rabbit and a deer within 3 miles of San Francisco city limits.

As far as why we write about what we write about...I think it's easier to talk about training because it's easier to objectify. But subjective experience of riding on a beautiful day, for me, it what it's all about.

When someone posts here saying they are getting burned out on on cycling, invariably the replies counsel the person to "ride without a cyclometer" or "rediscover the joy and poetry of cycling". I think that the subjective joy of cycling is the glue that binds us together as a cycling community.