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The stage is under way and !!!!!!(14 posts)

The stage is under way and !!!!!!ClydeTri
May 24, 2002 4:41 AM
Most of the riders are in the pelot peddeling spoilers here..although somebody will complain that I gave away the fact that the stage today got underway. Its supposed to be fun people...chill..
There's been a huge pile-up - everyone is down!!! - nmMJ
May 24, 2002 4:42 AM
Everyone is back up! Simoni is back in!! Simoni Lives!!Sintesi
May 24, 2002 5:21 AM
The famed Simoni Hooligans have opened the field for their allegedly crack smoking master by knocking down (once again) his main competitors at the front of the peloton. A late showing and somewhat dazed and dishevelled looking Simoni has indeed rejoined the race and is now furiously pedalling to the front. A black eye plainly showing, Gibi has been apparently been convinced by Saeco management to reconsider leaving this legendary cycling spectacle.

The Simoni Hooligans wave to their brave captain as he passes by and are handing out tiny spoons, golden comemmorative "Gibi 2002" coke spoons. The crowd is weeping with joy.

It is a glad day for all.
Is that Garzelli in the breakway????ClydeTri
May 24, 2002 5:31 AM
Naw, couldnt be could it?
they have arrested Simoni!!!!!!!!!!ClydeTri
May 24, 2002 5:51 AM
Motorcycle cops pulled up beside him and basically pushed him into the ditch, then they put him in handcuffs..he was not supposed to be in the race so they had him arrested..geesh..this is getting wild! oh, sorry for the spoiling..
Simoni shoots his way out of custody to continue the race!!!MJ
May 24, 2002 6:07 AM
or is that Biking Viking?
Phil Liggett (sp?) compliments Simoni's shooting form..more...ClydeTri
May 24, 2002 6:10 AM
remarks that if they add a summer biathlon in the Olympics similiar to the winter ski/shoot biathlon, Simoni is definite medal material.
Is ther no end to this man's resolve? His professionalism?Sintesi
May 24, 2002 6:53 AM
A true champion of the ages. A great, murderous, drug taking champion. : ) : ) : )
MY HERO!!!!rwbadley
May 24, 2002 7:29 AM
Hamilton crashes again!!!!Softrider
May 24, 2002 6:17 AM
But that wouldn't be breaking news, would it?
Lance is riding bandit!!!tarwheel
May 24, 2002 6:23 AM
Incredible as it seems, Lance Armstrong has decided to "clean up" all the Giro druggies and show them how to ride. It's not clear yet whether he's actually riding as a domestique for Tyler Hamilton or going it alone ...
He's going it alone!! NO wait...rwbadley
May 24, 2002 7:27 AM
Mike Tyson is riding shotgun!!!!
Mike Tyson has become a student of Shakespeare...AllisonHayes
May 24, 2002 7:47 AM
He first became interested in Will when he heard the line, "Lend me your ears."

He will quote from Macbeth as he rides shotgun.
Darryl Strawberry - new leader of Seaco team (nm)Softrider
May 24, 2002 7:54 AM