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This is crazy!!! Simoni just pulled out of the Giro(34 posts)

This is crazy!!! Simoni just pulled out of the GiroBAi9302010
May 24, 2002 4:19 AM
For anyone who hasn't heard yet, Gilberto Simoni just pulled out of the Giro, giving no reason why. The UCI even gave a news statement, clarifying the rules and telling him that it was ok to stay and continue. Who knows, maybe it's Jens Heppner's lucky year.
hey idiotMJ
May 24, 2002 4:24 AM
what about don't post Giro spoilers on the general board do you not understand?

can you not read the message which has a link to the special Giro spoiler board?

how thick are you?

thanks for ruining things for everybody who's trying to avoid news for broadcast

maybe you could leave the site and never come back again

hey idiotLen J
May 24, 2002 4:26 AM
How is Simoni's pulling out a spoiler? You don't know what happened on stage 12. I don't get your anger.

hey idiotGalibier
May 24, 2002 5:56 AM
Judging by the tone and content of your message, a more desirable result would be to have YOU leave this site and never come back again.
hey idiotMJ
May 24, 2002 5:58 AM
why I can read?
hey idiotGalibier
May 24, 2002 6:52 AM
No -- because you are insufferably rude. ("idiot, idiot, idiot") I don't consider news that Simoni has abandoned the Giro to be a Giro spoiler any more than discussing whether Saeco will be "disinvited" from the Tour is a Tour spoiler. You obviously disagree, and that's fine. However, your annoying refrain that those with whom you disagree are "idiots" says far more about YOU than it does about the objects of your insults.
hey idiotMJ
May 24, 2002 9:07 AM
as Muncher said below

"We are not interested in whether YOU think it's a "spoiler" or not - lets just not ruin it for people who want to have a nice un-interupted build-up to the event. There is no need to put it on the general board, and certainly not in the title of a post. Let's have a little thought for others, even if they have different views to your own - it's only a mouse click away - surely we can manage that must respect for other people's enjoyment - can't we?"

and if someone can't read and follow simple directions then they are an idiot - though I appreciate the brutal accuracy of your 'rubber/glue/bounces-off-me-sticks-to-you argument' - did you pick that up in Sunday School? maybe instead of giving me your hard earned, well reasoned theories on morality and communication you could work on a theory for following the rules...
hey idiotPhatMatt
May 24, 2002 1:37 PM
This is just a thought, but if this person were new to the board, do not deserve a break. Maybe if there we asked repeatedly to stop making Giro posts, your tone and total disregard for adult behavior would be acceptable. But since it is not, I feel that you have shown that you are indeed and truly the largest idiot here.

May 24, 2002 1:46 PM
Now THIS is really good - a bunch of people debating who is the real and bigger idiot. Might as well go out back and have an old fashioned pissing contest.
better not look on VeloNews site eitherColnagoFE
May 24, 2002 8:08 AM
It's the headline story there. This "spoiler" stuff seems a bit rediculous to me. Don't look on the net if you don't want to know.
better not look on VeloNews site eitherMJ
May 24, 2002 8:59 AM
what are you smoking crack or something?

how hard is it for an adult without learning disabilities to heed the banner scrolled at the top of the page just near where you post new threads which says don't post Giro spoilers...?

is it such a difficult concept? is it such an infringement on one's first amendment rights?

surely the better rule is not don't look on the net if you don't want to know - but rather if you want to post about the Giro go to the board which has been set up just for that

it can't be that tough to post inthe right place can it?
hey idiotNJRoad
May 24, 2002 8:27 AM
Don't bother argueing or trying to rationalize with people who just choose to be inconsiderate. It's a waste of your time and energy.
Eurosport is reporting that.........Len J
May 24, 2002 4:25 AM
the director of the Giro requested that his team pull him. They are also reporting that what the dentist would have used is chemically different from Cocaine. The plot thickens.

How is it a Giro spoilerBAi9302010
May 24, 2002 4:32 AM
I didn't give away any results, etc. I just updated everyone on the latest news surrounding a rider. Matter of fact, what are the people who are going to watch it on tv going to think when they see the startline and no Simoni. Why don't you just go stick your head back up your ass.
How is it a Giro spoilerMJ
May 24, 2002 4:41 AM
did you ever think that the broadcast might address it?

I'll put my head up my ass if you can learn to read and show some consideration for others

Giro spoilers on the Giro spoiler board - idiot
May 24, 2002 4:50 AM
I understand why someone would wan't to watch the stage and not see the results beforehand, but what the hell is the difference between hearing from Phil Liggett or reading on that Simoni got kicked.
You've been explicitly [and very politely] asked not to post anytz
May 24, 2002 5:16 AM
Giro news here. You've also been provided with a separate thread specifically for that.
You are being selfish and inconsiderate of others.
Do you ride in the same manner? I wouldn't want to be in same paceline with you...
May 24, 2002 5:24 AM
because if I wanted to read about that then I'd go to the Giro spoilers page - where you should be posting this stuff

really it's not that hard to figure it out

Tell me what I've spoiled and I'll apologizeBAi9302010
May 24, 2002 5:43 AM
If I had posted race results than I would have spoiled the race for those who wanted to watch it unfold, but posting that Simoni is gone has not spoiled anything, the stage hasn't even begun yet. Race results are spoilers, news is not.

BTW. MJ, if you don't like reading about road biking, go somewhere else. Also, you sound like your 9 years old, idiot.
Simoni out = someone one place up. These ARE results [nm]tz
May 24, 2002 5:55 AM
Tell me what I've spoiled and I'll apologizeMJ
May 24, 2002 5:57 AM
if Simoni leaving the tour isn't more of a spoiler than actual results then I don't know what is

I enjoy the board because it's about biking - but I do not enjoy Giro spoilers - nor do most others - which is why there was a Giro spoilers set up by Gregg

what do you not understand about this?

Why split hairs?Jekyll
May 24, 2002 5:38 AM
Since some people are going to get ticked at anything Giro related on the general board, why not simply post these topics at the spoilers page?
Nothing more like Giro info and a pissing contest on the etiquette of posting it on the general board in the morning.
re: it's Friday nmcyclopathic
May 24, 2002 5:42 AM
Precisely. [nm]tz
May 24, 2002 5:54 AM
Going to be one dull Tour de France.Sintesi
May 24, 2002 4:53 AM
Can't see LeBlanc keeping Saeco in now. Hopefully he'll pull in Coast and let Zulle and Casero have a go. Gibi must know something the rest of us don't, but I feel sorry for the guy, despite the trash talk earlier in the season Simoni's known as one of the genuinely nice guys of the peloton.

PS: Forget Heppner, Casagrande has the open path now. If he can stay on his bike that is.
It would need to be far more extrordinary,TJeanloz
May 24, 2002 5:09 AM
LeBlanc can't (well, he can, but it's unlikely) un-invite a team that has been invited; and give another team the shunned team's place. Can anybody think of a precendent for that?
Maybe but this is what I read.Sintesi
May 24, 2002 5:25 AM
Leblanc keeps his options open
Tour de France director Jean-Marie Leblanc is keeping his options open regarding the team selection for the upcoming Tour de France. Leblanc was questioned about whether he would still keep Saeco in the 21 team lineup, should Gilberto Simoni be found positive for doping.

"If he is suspended, we have the right to reconsider the presence of Saeco in the Tour de France as the reason that they were selected on May 2 was because their leader Gilberto Simoni would dispute the Tour," said Leblanc to the Sud-Ouest newspaper.

"We will have 21 teams present in the Tour de France 2002. We would not take advantage of this affair to reduce it to 20. There would therefore be a place for another team," he added, without being specific.

Leblanc also said that Mapei's spot was not in danger, as Garzelli would not have taken part in the Tour anyway, and he felt that his case was an "isolated one".
how this qualifies as "doping"?cyclopathic
May 24, 2002 5:39 AM
even UCI confirmed that taking cocaine several weeks before would not qualify as "doping"
In the Giro only.Sintesi
May 24, 2002 6:02 AM
It's illegal for any UCI rider to take or be in the possession of illegal substances, and any offense whether, during the race or not (just act Frank Vandenbroucke)is actionable by suspension of license or barring from competition. My understanding is that Giro race authorities said the non-negative finding for cocaine in Simoni's blood was taken too far before the race and could not be construed as doping in the Giro. However, Simoni is still not done with the UCI who could suspend him still if the second test comes back positive for cocaine.

Leblanc & Co. let Saeco into the TdF basically at their owm arbitrary discretion and could just as easily disinvite him for whatever reason. I guess the question is, did he take coke or not? If he did I say he's out. But maybe he is planning to get out of Giro controversy and planning to focus on the Le Tour instead. You might be right. At this point after dropping out of the Giro in the midst of drug controvery I'm inclined to think Gibi will not be in the Tour.
re: In the Giro only.cyclopathic
May 24, 2002 9:59 AM
The way Eurosport reports Carmine Castellano requested the Saeco team to expel Simoni and he wasn't at start line. So it isn't like it was his choice.

With respect to doping look drinking and drinking and driving is not the same. Cocaine does not have long lasting effect EPO or Nesp does, even if a guy had taken it, charging him for it would be like charging a truck driver in July for a few extra beers he had on Xmass eve.

doping = cheating to enhance performance
getting high = getting high

"it may have been a case of drug use but it isn't case of doping"
Point is well taken.Sintesi
May 24, 2002 11:02 AM
But I still think the UCI suspends riders for being the possession or being caught having taken illegal drugs. Not just performance enhancing drugs. Maybe I'm wrong but that is my understanding of the rules.

Oh and BTW, isn't THAT interesting, his own team took him out. That does not look good.

Don't get me wrong, tho, I WANT Simoni in the TdF. I want to see serious competition in the climbs for sure.
Why don't we make this simply for certain induhividulas...muncher
May 24, 2002 6:17 AM
Got any Giro news - put it on the Giro board. We are not interested in whether YOU think it's a "spoiler" or not - lets just not ruin it for people who want to have a nice un-interupted build-up to the event. There is no need to put it on the general board, and certainly not in the title of a post. Let's have a little thought for others, even if they have different views to your own - it's only a mouse click away - surely we can manage that must respect for other people's enjoyment - can't we?

Thanks all for your co-operation.

BTW - I don't give a stuff about the Giro, but I respect the enjoyment of those that do, and would ask others to join me.
Very well saidgrandemamou
May 24, 2002 6:32 AM
I don't find overnight news a "spoiler" myself. I log on to cycling news every morning to see who abandoned or was tossed.

Some people may. But, is there any reason to put it in the topic header? I can't think of any. It may require you to think about the wording a little to draw in people who really don't care if they know the results and still not spoil it for those who want to watch it "live".

Stage 11 was amazing. I would not have enjoyed it nearly as much if I knew the results. This mornings news makes it more amazing.
What's all the hubbub?TJeanloz
May 24, 2002 7:04 AM
I don't understand the whole spoiler / not a spoiler issue. We have, in the United States anyway, live Giro coverage. If seeing the event live is so important to you, take the month off from work and watch OLN from the couch. You too can become a fat American. My own feeling on the 'spoiler' issue is that something you would actually SEE on the Giro coverage is a spoiler. Something that is just NEWS belongs on the general board. I think it is a perfectly relevant discussion for the general board to question why Simoni chose not to start this morning. The issue here is bigger than the Giro, it's about doping in sport.

Now if Simoni had been stopped half way through the stage and sent home by the organizers, that would be a spoiler- but simple news seems to be fair game from where I sit. I agree with an above poster who asks if discussion of Saeco being tossed from the Tour is a Tour spoiler.

That being said, I really couldn't care less. If you want to see the Giro live, watch it. If you want to see it at your own convenience, I think the onus is on you to avoid places like this (where results might slip through), rather than on us to keep our mouths shut.