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Rear Derailleur Question(2 posts)

Rear Derailleur QuestionRandyMH
May 23, 2002 8:48 PM
What adjustment do I need to make to get that little jump out when shifting through the rear cassette. It happens more when coming down. I am using Dura Ace shifters and Ultegra derailleurs and cassette.
re: Rear Derailleur Questionpa rider
May 24, 2002 2:58 AM
I would say check the cassette first. If its a new cassette and chain go to step two. If you have alot of miles on the cassette and some of your gears have burrs or are worn it's your cassette that needs replace, plus chain.

I'm only saying this because the adjustments for the gears to downshift are hardly ever need adjusted.

Let's say you put a new cable on the bike. You have the barrel adjuster (it's on derailer where cable routes through to the lock nut) to turn clockwise to get the chain adjusted to go up the cassette (turn it in towards you).

I usually turn it alittle and then shift the derailer to see the movement the chain makes going up the cassette. You adjust alittle and run the chain up the cassette. Then you down shift to see if the chain hesitates. If it does turn the barrel adjuster alittle the different direction.

Once you get the cassette on the 12 or 13 tooth cog shift it up the cassette to see if it shifts ok again. This takes alittle pratice, but once you adjust derailers a few times its a no brainer (you can adjust you derailer under one minute).

I ride MTB and bend hangers and brake derailers. The only advice I could give about your derailer is check the whole derailer and cassette out before make any adjustments. You have to see why your shifting is bad. Chain need clean, worn parks, hanger bent because your bike fell over, or derailer is bent.

I usually have down shifting problems when parts are worn. This can also include my cable housing being gunked up from all the winter and wet days I rode early in the year. Once replaced the cables and housing the shifting worked great. riding in mud races with MTB you learn what to lube to get you shifting to work again.

I hope this helps. Some one else like GTX will give you a post as well.