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Chiropractor experience(6 posts)

Chiropractor experiencerideslikeagirl
May 23, 2002 9:26 AM
Somehow I injured my neck last weekend and couldn't take it anymore yesterday afternoon. Luckily, a chiro moved into the complex and fit me in for a session.

Went home and had the ride of my life! I honestly don't think I've ever ridden as strong. So well, in fact, I didn't even mind the head wind in both directions.

So, I see the guy this morning for another adjusment and tell him about it (he's a mtn biker). He told me that they've done studies with power lifters before and after chiro adjustments and that they could lift 10% after being adjusted.

That doesn't sound like much until you consider that these guys are already lifting 1000 lbs!

Unfortunately, it's a temporary effect and I'm not willing to shell out $40 before each ride. But it was great while it lasted! And very interesting.

Anyone else ever had this experience?
re: Chiropractor experiencehoboken_rider
May 23, 2002 9:48 AM
I'm actually going to see one this afternoon. After a ride this past Sunday, my right shoulder is bothering me, sending shotting pins and needles into my neck whenever I reach out with my left arm. Wierd, I know.

I have torn ligaments in the right shoulder, but I can't imagine a ride would have really caused anything to change.

I don't know if this chiropractor is a biker or not. She's close to my office and had an appointment this afternoon. But if it works, and I feel good on my rides this weekend, I'll shell out my $10 co-payment every Friday.
re: Chiropractor experienceAllisonHayes
May 23, 2002 10:40 AM
A friend of mine was playing "touch" football and ran into a guy who was a linebacker in college at the time. My friend went down in a heap (he was half the size); later that night he was in extreme pain. The next day he couldn't stand. He literally crawled around on his hands and knees and was becoming very worried. This lasted for several days.

He went to a Chiro and 30 minutes later walked out with no symptoms. This was 7-8 years ago. He has never been back to a Chiro and has never had a problem since.

The Chiro did tell him he was very lucky. The problem was due to a pinched nerve. An adjustment corrected it. The reason he was lucky was that had he waited any longer, the nerve would have atrophied and he would have had permanent back problems (pain). The other reason he was lucky was that, had he gone to a physician, he would have been given pain killers and would ultimately have required back surgery.

The Chiro also said that most people wait too long to have a problem diagnosed, so it turns into something that can only be treated and not corrected, which is why they need to come back for continued adjustment.
re: Chiropractor experiencepinarello
May 23, 2002 11:12 AM
As a former AAU power lifter in the state of Iowa and in a city that has the world larges Chiropractic school- Palmer and for thoes that might know the code WOC-TV (World of Chiropracting). I don't disagree but must say it did not work for me. Before I left the state I was trying everything but steriods as that was probably the next step because I had tied the Bench Press Record of the state and the world record was in sight. In sight I say because steriods would of given me that extra 30% that would of put me in contention. The best method I found that really worked for me was to take a warm shower right before my lifts. It did wonders to calm down the nerves and warm the muscles. The adjustments that were done as I had always a leg that was 1/4 inch, would seem to throw me off. I would lose at least 10 to 15lbs on a mid 300lb press. But as I tried it to improve and found it didn't you found it did and you probably should pursue it if it works. Catapult.
re: Plenty of relief, but no miracles. nmdzrider
May 23, 2002 12:07 PM
re: Plenty of relief, but no miracles. nmS-U-B
May 24, 2002 7:56 AM
Unfortunately, 99 percent of people have no idea what chirpractic is about, and that is unfortunate. There is so much misunderstanding I wouldn't even know where to begin. In a nutshell, Chiropractic is about maximizing the body's inborn potential by optimizing the nervous system, has nothing to do with neck and back pain, sorry guys. Oh, by the way, I am a chiropractor.