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Riding Boulder to Denver--route question???(4 posts)

Riding Boulder to Denver--route question???ColnagoFE
May 23, 2002 8:33 AM
I used to be an avid bike commuter when I worked in Boulder, but I now take the bus since I work in downtown Denver. Anyway...I want to ride my bike to work on bike to work day--mainly just to say I did it--figure it would be about 40 miles one way using alternate routes. What would be a good route from Boulder to downtown Denver that won't get me killed? I figure I could take hwy 287 south to Arvada or thereabouts, but what is the safest way from there? Any ideas from you people who ride in Denver regularly?
re: Riding Boulder to Denver--route question???KSC
May 23, 2002 9:33 AM
My non-expert opinion - You could ride east all the way to the Platte & take that bike path all the way into downtown, but there's probably a better way. I would think 287 into Arvada would be kind of a tasty ride, I frequently do N. Denver to Boulder and try to minimize my riding on 287. If you go south on McCaslin & stay west of Wadsworth there's some nice less travelled road through there that can take you pretty far south, but then I have no idea how you safetly go east to downtown.
re: Riding Boulder to Denver--route question???jtolleson
May 23, 2002 10:40 AM
Many nice options, though none particularly efficient.

When I used to live in Broomfield, I'd take 128th St. east to Washington, Washington to 104th, then jump over to Riverdale, then catch the South Platte bike path. That was 25 miles each way. To get to the start of that route from Boulder, I think you would take Arapahoe straight east until it becomes ... what does it become ... 144th?

Another option is to go south on Broadway until it becomes 93, then east (left) on 128 at Eldorado Springs area, then south (right) on Indiana (later zig-zag to Ward). When you get to the south side of I-70, you can catch the Clear Creek Bike Path and take it east until it hits the Platte (Clear Creek monkeys north east, so again, this isn't a straight line but is safe). Then take the Platte River bike path straight south.

Those would be my two primary thoughts for the approach.
Way back whenMcAndrus
May 23, 2002 10:40 AM
I lived in northwest Denver until 1984 and used to commute through downtown to Glendale. My route was down 32nd until it intersects with N Speer which will take you downhill onto the bike path along Cherry Creek. (That's assuming it's still there.) That'll dump you right into downtown. 32nd was a semi-busy street but it was very ridable then.

32nd also runs straight west all the way to Golden so you might be able to find a way south to get to it from Boulder.

(Ah, the good old days. Some warm afternoons I'd ride out to Boulder and go up Lookout Mountain and just enjoy the view. Hey, stop, you're making me weepy.)