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Different leg lengths.(11 posts)

Different leg lengths.Sintesi
May 23, 2002 7:04 AM
My left leg is shorter and never quite feels as efficient as my right while spinning so I want to experiment with shims. What should I use? and how would you go about it? I mean, very thin shim to begin and maybe gradually increase thickness or what?

Are there other solutions to this problem?
re: Different leg lengths.S-U-B
May 23, 2002 7:15 AM
One leg is not actually shorter than the other. Your problem is you have a pelvic/spinal problem that causes one of your legs to appear/feel shorter than the other. I am a Chiropractor that has seen thousands of patients with an apparently "short leg". In 99.99% of the cases, once the spine is leveled out, legs are perfectly even. Guarantee a good chiropractor can fix your problem, or you can put some shims in and let it get worse.
Warning: Quack alert!retro
May 23, 2002 7:25 AM
Aw, come on--chiropractors can fix "99.9 percent" of the problems? And you can tell from your computer that one of his legs isn't shorter than the other? That's the kind of talk that gives chiropractic a bad name.
May 23, 2002 8:09 AM
A pelvic imbalance can cause an apparent leg length imbalance, even though the legs really are the same length. A pelvic imbalance can be corrected.

I agree though that the claim of 99.9% is pretty high.
Differing opinionNo_sprint
May 23, 2002 7:24 AM
I'm no chiropractor but I do have a differing opinion from above.

I have heard a differing opinion from my chiropractor. He stated that most humans are not perfectly symmetrical at all. Most have slightly different ears, placement of ears, eyes, non-perfectly symmetrical noses, slightly differing length legs, arms, breasts, etc. My facial hair does not symmetrically either.

I know for a fact my legs are of different length. Not an inch, but unquestionably not perfectly even.

Forget the shim. You can help out nature by going with a good orthotic insert prescribed by a good doctors' exam, podiatrist are the ones I believe. Visit Surefoot. There is one in SoCal and there are many others. I believe Lance is a wearer, just to note.
re: Different leg lengths.MSA
May 23, 2002 7:24 AM
I actually know of a bike fitter who is good at this sort of thing. He is in Houston, so obviously that may be a problem depending on where you live. Just throwing it out as a suggestion.
What would happen...MrCelloBoy
May 23, 2002 7:55 AM
if you put a shorter crank on the left side. Say 172.5 and 175 on the right?
from someone who has already been down this road.....maximum15
May 23, 2002 8:33 AM
Used to get terrible lower back muscles spasms every few months (for years and years). Never believed in chriopractors, so I just took drugs and hurt. That got old and I finally went to a well respected chriopractor. X-rays showed pelvic tilt. Wore a 6mm ? heel lift for 6 months. X-rays show only minor pelvic tilt. Increase heel lift to 9mm. After 6 months and now after three years, no pelvic tilt and no back pain -- except for one time about 1 year after I started biking. This got me to thinking about the leg imbalance. Spoke with Speedplay and they recommended half the length difference in shims. Didn't recommend the full difference because of muscle imbalance issues. Spoke to my chrio, agreed with Speedplay. Got myself realigned and added the shims. It has been over a year since the addition and no new problems. My recommendation -- first, talk to Speedplay and a really really good chriopractor. Second, don't expect overnight miracles. This will take time.
make shim from old milk jug nmishmael
May 23, 2002 8:50 AM
re: Different leg lengths.koala
May 23, 2002 9:17 AM
I have one leg shorter than the other from 2 operations(football) and i use a shim under my cleats(look) and then position the seat so as to be a tad short on the non shimmed side and a tad long on the shimmed side. Sean Kelly was number one in the world and his seat was way too low. Shim it and ride.
Thanks for all the good suggestions folks.Sintesi
May 24, 2002 5:06 AM
I put a milk jug shim in last night and will try that for a week, if I don't notice a difference, then orthotics, if not that, I guess I'll see the spine cracker.

I'm in no pain so it's not a big deal, but the left just doesn't seem as engaged all around the pedal stroke as the right. When I do get pain (rarely) tho, it is always the left leg. I guess we'll see.

thx again.