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How to make a frame pump stop rattling?(10 posts)

How to make a frame pump stop rattling?Me Dot Org
May 22, 2002 9:24 PM
...I know...take away its rattle...

But seriously folks, I have a frame with a pump peg and a perfectly serviceable Zefal Hpx. However, on rough surfaces, the rattle is lound and continuous. I have one of those Jand pump straps, but it looks so uncool. Besides, I've got a pump peg, I'm not worried about the pump falling off, I just want it to be quiet.

Today I had an idea to use wrap black cork handlebar tape around the pump handle where it vibrates against the frame. Has anyone tried this, or something similar? What works? Why don't they make frame pump handles with some padding so they don't rattle?

Nag, nag, nag...
Rubber bands.guido
May 22, 2002 9:37 PM
Well, for a long time I used rubber bands off broccoli bunches brought home from the supermarket. Cut em in half and wrap the band twice around the pump handle and barrel. They look pretty funky, and don't last that long, but what the heck, it's always an excuse to keep eating your vegetables.
my solutionSteveO
May 23, 2002 3:15 AM
I put a small velcro strap around the frame where the pump handle vibrates.

It stops the vibration, and as a bonus holds a 10-spot for coffee or beer.
my solutionkoala
May 23, 2002 3:50 AM
I have a pump peg but I still got a rattle. I folded a piece of felt under it wedging it in such a way that you almost cant see it and it works. If you dont have a pump peg this probably wont work.
ditto the double-sided velcro pieceTig
May 23, 2002 5:09 AM
It looks neat and works very well. It doesn't wear out and comes off easily, but only when you want it to.

I use the kind you get with network cables for computer rooms.
The cork tape idea would work...biknben
May 23, 2002 4:06 AM
You could jamb just about anything in between the pump handle and the frame. I remember using a small piece styrofoam from a coffee cup. The velcro strap should hold everything in place.
I have had success with...Frank
May 23, 2002 4:28 AM
taking an old tube and cutting a 2" length. I put one open end of the tube over the two pointy feet that contact the seat tube and then bring the rest of the tube up over the other two pointy feet that contact the top tube. The spring loaded pressure of the pump and friction of the rubber tube helps keep the pump securely in place and vibration and scratch free.

I also take about a 1 1/2" piece of old tube and slide it over the end of the pump handle so the pump peg still goes into the pump peg notch on the pump but doesn't allow the pump end to rub the head tube. Finally, I take a 1/2" piece and it goes around the part of the handle that is the widest so it doesn't scratch the frame if the pump moves while riding over a bump.

I have done this with all of my bikes since carrying Zefal pumps (10 years or so) and have never had a scratch or mar. Also, nobody can tell it has tubes on the end because the tube matches the black pump!

Good luck!
foam rubberAsphalt Addict
May 23, 2002 6:46 AM
That's how I fixed my blackburn. I used a foam rubber can holder. Cut two small strips, attach to pump and wrap with duct tape. Make sure thickness is enough to make pump snug with top tube. Also insure that your cable doesn't rub.
Velcro straps..DINOSAUR
May 23, 2002 8:43 AM
Velcro straps, you can find them in hardware stores in the electical department. Secure one near the ht and the other near the st and cinch down tight. No more rattles and the velcro won't mar your frame and it lasts forever..
get a Silca Impero? (nm)Kerry
May 23, 2002 5:07 PM