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board week in review (haiku)(3 posts)

board week in review (haiku)JS Haiku Shop
May 22, 2002 1:30 PM
oh, my poor, sore taint
'taint a problem, 'til i ride
then, taint IS problem

simoni scandal
worst part is "non-negative"
why not "positive"?

"non-negative" phrase
ital-englo translation?
overcooked noodles?

how many road miles?
just at thirty miles so far...
I have a sore taint

simioni caught?
viable explanation...
meds for his sore taint

phil liggetisms
we're waiting for hamilton
show "clean pair of wheels"!

haiku upgrade thoughts
not bike buying frenzy, friends!...
(do it anyway!)

ride museum piece?
yes, if seat atop seatpost
otherwise, sore taint

confusing subject:
"bike shops in london, paris"
both are cities, no?

ah, the huffy toss
that post follows other one:
"how heavy your bike?"

does bike play music?
mine: more like old jazz

ask: why no Ti forks?
answer: prefer plastic sporks
free at taco bell

your fav high-end Ti?
Regal Ti gets my end high
just above stem height

post: "need help with seat"
post: "sore taint." "era break in."
must put behind us!

no, didn't forget
saved best one for last, did i
ginseng dilemma

don't fret, says J-Ku
easy decision to make
(it's not THAT hard, yes?)

I don't understand
said "never try it again"
think this wood limit

ginseng time after:
on bike many hours, friend
then go home for ride

J-Ku shall digress
keeping posts PG-13
admit, very hard

keep stiff upper lip
and don't post about stiff stuff
much below the neck

what hear, believe not
heard it said, "ride hard, stay hard"
ginseng (not) hard sell.

one problem, methinks
"Ginseng" spelling incorrect
unless meant "Gin Sing"

for which, pre-ride Gin
perhaps prompt in-ride singing
this not hard, either

for haiku poster
now, between rock and hard place
can't type for grinning

one last question, tho:
how does handle "ohmk1"
translate to "Bob Dole"?
re: board week in review (haiku)nyedid in SoCal
May 22, 2002 2:23 PM
absolute, pure, total genius. thanks for making me laugh!
Heh. Guess it's only fittingSpinchick
May 22, 2002 3:32 PM
that 11 out of 25 verses are about the erection thread.

Nice work J, as always...:-)