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Teams should almost PAY to be in the tour(5 posts)

Teams should almost PAY to be in the tourPODIUMBOUNDdotCA
May 21, 2002 10:04 PM
The organizer is a stereotypical frenchman. He loves his country so he makes sure many small french teams are included. But at the same time if he just wants to make money why not just make the teams to pay? It'd be fairly simply... the sponsors such as coca-cola route their money through the teams and all the bullsh1t of not having Mario or Pantani or anyone else who is a huge contender in one way or another goes away.

My small idea that'll never happen but meh,
re: Teams should almost PAY to be in the tourwoodes
May 22, 2002 3:47 AM
Unfortunately, it's their bat and their ball, and until they realize how much revenue they could raise by opening a few slots to paying teams, the status quo will prevail. I find it hard to really blame the French organizers for their attitude for a couple of reasons. First, the French have a very long history of aggressively trying to favor and/or preserve what they believe to be their cultural heritage (esp. against North American encroachment). Second, I imagine we would do the same in an attempt to foster the development of "home teams" to compete in the biggest sporting event to happen on our soil.
Take the Little League World SeriesLowend
May 22, 2002 5:55 AM
It is the best of the US against the best of the the rest of the world. Because it is played on our soil we have to have a team in the finals.
That's effectively what they do,TJeanloz
May 22, 2002 4:18 AM
Any team with a big enough budget can get a Tour spot. All it would take is signing enough talent to merit a UCI spot in the top ten- UCI points are effectively for sale. So, the top ten spots are, in fact, for sale. The other 11 or 12 go to teams that LeBlanc feels deserve to ride. His opinion of who deserves it, and your opinion clearly differ- but he's the one who gets to choose, and he really doesn't care about you.
big budget doesn't always mean a good team.elviento
May 22, 2002 9:23 AM
Knicks has the highest payroll in the NBA, but so many teams beat them by 30+ points.