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i take my vitamins, whats wrong?(8 posts)

i take my vitamins, whats wrong?QUiTSPiNiNArOuND
May 21, 2002 7:47 PM
I went on my first group ride today, 25 mi. I am 16 and have been riding for about a year now. Everyday for an hour, 10-20 mi. at a heart rate of 75% (170bpm). Anyways i can't keep up with the group, they are moving at 25mph, one of the guy's wife is beating me for crying out loud, (no offense to any women) just sad cause i couldn't keep up. I dont have an ounce of fat on me 5'4 and 105 lb. I eat right and take my vitamins and my muscles are fairly strong and defined. What's wrong, how come i can't keep up, am i doing something wrong, or I juyst dont have it, any help is appreciated, thanks all!
re: i take my vitamins, whats wrong?atpjunkie
May 21, 2002 8:26 PM
you may be over training. take a rest day before the group ride and see how ya do. You shouldn't ride every day at a high heart rate or pushing big gears. It's like weight training and you need to let the muscles rebuild and recover. Also at your size and age you may have trouble achieving the necessary power to handle that pace but keep at it. When I was your age I was 6'3" 195 and my dreams of being a cat 1 cyclist was over. You should be a monster climber, take that group on a hilly course and you'll show 'em.
here's my last pointer, find the biggest guy (he'll look like me)
get 8 to 12 inches behind his back wheel and draft. He'll pull you along with you doing very little work.
re: i take my vitamins, whats wrong?guido
May 21, 2002 10:25 PM
ATP is right about you being possibly overtrained. Ya gotta recover from hard efforts. Easy days have to follow hard days.

If this is your first ride with a group, it'll take some time to get onto how to dole out your efforts, and conserve energy. All beginners pretty much react to the moves of others, usually work too hard, expend too much energy, then can't recover "in the pack."

A consistently high heart rate means you're working your legs for all they're worth. Glycogen gets used up, lactic acid builds up, the muscles get depleted of oxygen, your heart tries frantically to keep up. Eventually you go deeper into anaerobic and blow up. The idea is to do as much work as possible without getting the heartrate way up. This requires not a season, but several seasons of training.

It takes several years for anyone, especially a 16 year old, to build up the cardiovascular fitness, endurance, stamina, to keep up with more experienced riders. That applies to any endurance sport, on any level. Muscles come quickly. Capillaries, heart, lungs, nervous system, and "form" take much longer to develope. It takes 6 years or so for most pros to get fit enough to win the Tour de France.

So keep riding. You've got a jump on most who pick up the sport. In 6 years you'll be a prince of the peleton!
I don't take vitamins, but...b_spiwak
May 22, 2002 5:07 AM
I'm 16, too, and I've been road biking for about a year now. I'm 6'2", 150, so I'm pretty light for my height too. But the truth is, unless there are hills on the course of the group ride,your weight doesn't really matter. My first group ride was every saturday, 35 miles, doing about 22-23 MPH. Now I do that plus a ride every sunday where the speed rarely goes under 25, and sometimes goes 35 +!!! Of course, the riders there are some of the best in the state, and to hang with them I not only have to suffer but I also have to stay in the back of the pack.

My best advice for you is to work on intervals. One hour a day is good to get some base miles in, but as your training progresses you should make it more specific. I personally take Mondays and Fridays off, tuesdays I do one hour going 20-21 MPH (which is the hardest effort I can maintain for an hour when I'm solo riding...), wednesdays I do a longish endurance ride, usually about 30 miles at a comfortable pace, and Thursdays I do intervals.

For the intervals, do this: warm up for 10 minutes (very important, otherwise you won't be able to go as hard as you should). ride 30 seconds hard; recover for 30 seconds. ride 1 minute hard; recover for one minute. ride 1:30 minute hard, recover for 1:30. Keep on doing this until you get to 5 minutes of hard riding. I personally go hard enough so that by the time I'm done I feel nauseated, and the next day my legs are sore. But this stuff is like rocket fuel; after just one time doing it, You'll be able to tell the difference.

By the way, remember that for you and me, recovery isn't as important as for adults. Personally, I've done hard days back to back without a problem. See what works for you. Good luck.

another 16 year old..arslan - just got a TCR 2 -
May 22, 2002 5:47 AM
Indeed, recovery isn't hard for us guys as compared to older adults. I've done lots of back to back hard days, and it's not too much of a problem for me either.
See, I mostly bike with my own high schoolers club and I'm always ahead of the pack. Well, the average speeds we do are about 20MPH, so that really isn't too much of a problem. But still it feels good. So cherish the fact that youre better than most people of your age.
And than every sunday, on group rides with pros, I always lag behind, but that's ok, and you should expect that. I've been road biking for a few months so I don't expect to be all pro in such little time, you've been biking for a year, it'll come soon enough.
Till than, practice hard!, and try to hold on!.
Good Luck!
re: i take my vitamins, whats wrong?brider
May 22, 2002 6:41 AM
There may be NOTHING wrong, you may just need to learn how to ride in a pack. There's more to "keeping up" than just strength. When things aren't going hard in a grooup ride, start picking their brains. Watch what the other riders are doing (whose wheel they're on, how close, body position, how relaxed the upper body is, cadence, when they're pedalling, etc). You will improve greatly by riding with better riders, but you have to be open to the lessons that are being taught.
re: i take my vitamins, whats wrong?pinarello
May 22, 2002 11:16 AM
And if you still find that your training is right and lack the punch. Try getting your blood tested. I found that I was anemic. Low Iron. I couldn't believe it. I would usually die about mid way into a 50 mile ride. The funney thing is I eat about a half a side of beef a week. Drink wine. I don't suggest this for 16 yr. olds, but wine is very rich in iron. But do check out your training and then look into maybe having your blood checked. This was also a problem with Greg LeMond. Catapult.
re: i take my vitamins, whats wrong?atpjunkie
May 22, 2002 12:09 PM
True, good point about the anemia as I was at that age as well. (Grew too fast and body couldn't keep up.) Set a good training schedule where you vary your heart rate zones and eat and rest. even at a young age you have to allow muscle fibre to build. You can't just keep beating it down. Keep trying and learn to draft well. I did a century last month where we created a good group pace line at about mile 65 amd rode the final 35 miles at about a 25 mph av. Some guys werejust hanging on for dear life but most of us just took our pulls and rested in the peloton.