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Higher duty when bringing bike vs. shipping?(2 posts)

Higher duty when bringing bike vs. shipping?granda
May 21, 2002 7:29 PM
Just got back from Europe today with a new toy and noticed when filling out the customs card that the duty normally (whatever that means) assesed is 10% on the first $1000 over $400 of goods brought from abroad. Then when leaving the airport no one said anything to me at all while walking out with my bike (I did have to give the card with the value declared, which was < 1400). So a couple of questions for those who know:

1. Am I going to get billed for something?
2. If I do any way of getting the duty rates I saw in the post earlier re: totalcycling?

PS to satify the curious types, this was at SFO and I was brining in a formally Bjarne Riis owned Pinarello team bike from Belgium.
re: Higher duty when bringing bike vs. shipping?boneman
May 21, 2002 11:58 PM
There is a contradiction in the import duty as you note when carrying the goods, once over the excluded amount, they go to a flat rate before going to the tables. For a bike frame it's either 3.9% or 5%, net of VAT using the tables. You can discuss the matter with the custom's officer but there's no clarity on this contradiction.