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Help me change my brakes please....(2 posts)

Help me change my brakes please....tronracer
May 21, 2002 5:49 PM
Where the brake goes into the frame there should be two washers or just one? I have two washers, one is grooved on both sides all the way to the center, the other is smooth in the middle and grooved on the end. Do I need both? If so, where does the completely grooved one go? Touching the frame or the brake? These are old super record brakes. Thanks for any help!!!
re: Super Record brakes...guido
May 21, 2002 8:34 PM
They have a serrated washer on the brake bolt on the caliper side where it touches the frame, and a smooth washer next to the nut that holds the whole thing on.

The serrated washer keeps the brakes centered.

The smooth washer keeps the nut from loosening, and also provides a smooth surface to tighten the nut against, so the caliper, which must still be firmly held in the 13mm flats right next to the serrated washer on the brake bolt, won't turn when the nut is locked down.

So you have, all sandwiched on the brake bolt:

conical lock nut,
hex nut to adjust out play,
thin smooth washer,
outer caliper,
thin smooth washer,
inner caliper,
thin smooth washer.

Then the bolt widens to provide a bridge for the spring and 13mm flats to hold it centered while mounting it on the frame.

Then the bolt narrows into a standard looking threaded bolt. This is where you put the serrated washer, which is between the brake and the frame tube its mounted on. At the end of this bolt, goes a thin, smooth washer and allen nut or hex nut, depending on which kind you have.