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Races, race promotion, USCF, and UCI questions(1 post)

Races, race promotion, USCF, and UCI questionsEJC
May 21, 2002 4:18 AM

Several local businesses and cycling clubs/orgs/shops are toying with the idea of beginning a race in our area. They hope to hold it on the third Sunday in April and call it something akin to "Hell of the Northeast" or the "Adirondack Roubaix."

I am sitting in on some of the meetings and need some help...

Does anyone have any information on race promotions, and USCF information for race regs and insurance etc...

AND does anyone know if there has ever been a USCF race that has been built up to the point that it can make the jump from a USCF race to a UCI race, and if so, HOW?!? If I am mis-informed on the levels of racing in this regard, could you please inform me of how difficult it is for a North American race to get UCI backing (with full points etc...).

Thanks gang,