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May 21, 2002 3:41 AM
Has anyone ordered any wheels from them?
They are in Ireland and I couldn't tell from the website or the US Customs site if we have to pay a duty tax on a set of wheels. Anyone know? They just list rims, and hubs seperate, but nothing about wheelsets.

no duty...C-40
May 21, 2002 4:49 AM
I've ordered two sets of Ksyriums and never paid any duty. I did pay a 3.9% duty ($75) on a C-40 frame. Duties seem to be hit and miss, but even if you do have to pay, it won't amount to much. You'll still save a bundle.
Yes duty.Sintesi
May 21, 2002 5:11 AM
C-40 is right, the duty thing seems to be hit and miss, some get it some don't and to varying degrees. I got hit for $31, as I recall, for my Ksyriums from Total. The entire bill, wheels shipped to my door, ended up being $612. Others on this site have reported paying around $580. I think the reason i got soaked was because I live in NYC and got stuck by the customs dept at JFK.

BTW, great wheels.
double dittoJohnG
May 21, 2002 6:12 AM
YUP, totally hit and miss.

No, yes, maybe.djg
May 21, 2002 6:02 AM
I've ordered a couple of things from total cycling (no problems) but never wheels. OTOH, I've ordered two sets of wheels from parker international (GB) and have never been charged duty for them.

My impression is that checking the actual rules might or might not help, as collection at import can be inconsistent. But both wheel sets were properly labeled and sailed right through. I've never been charged duty on components either, although I did pay some duty on a frame.
Here is the scoop on duties........Dave Hickey
May 21, 2002 6:47 AM
I've been in the air cargo industry for 20 years. The responsibility for accessing the correct duties is the courier company here in the US. Most of the UK companies ship via Parcel Force. Parcel Force uses the USPS in the US to delivery their goods. Once the goods arrive in the US a clerk at the courier company( or USPS) looks at the commerical invoice and cross references the description with the customs classification. Here is an example of duties:

8714.91.20 00 Frames/ forks valued over $600 3.9%
8714.92.10 00 Wheel Rims 5%
8714.92.50 00 Spokes 10%
8714.93.05 00 Alloy quick release hubs 0%
8714.93.70 30 Freewheel Sprockets 0%
8714.94.30 20 Caliper brakes 0%
8714.95.00 00 Saddles 8%
8714.96.10 00 Pedals 8%
8714.96.50 00 Cotterless cranks 0%
8714.99.10 00 Gear levers 0%
8714.99.50 00 Deraileurs and parts thereof 0%
8714.99.60 00 Bicycle stems and headsets 0%

You can see the duty can vary from 0% to 10% depending on how the item is described. If the seller in the UK puts a vague description, the clerk here in the US is just guessing as to what the goods actually are. So regardless of what's actually being imported, you are still at the mercy of a clerk at the USPS or Courier company assigning the proper customs classification
So we should tell Totalcyclinglongfellow68
May 21, 2002 8:47 AM
We should tell them under order notes to put a vague description on the box so we can save some money (duty).

Damn what a system we live in...
I can see someone skimming money off this already...
Important item missingboneman
May 21, 2002 9:01 AM
Tires are 0% import duty from EU to US.
not them, but sdealsColnagoFE
May 21, 2002 6:56 AM
Ordered pedals and tires and never paid duty, but it seems that some do and some don't pay. No rhyme or reason to it. I'd be prepared to pony up. You should be able to figure out a rough estimate from the rims/hubs duty.
Friends have ordered Ksyriums, but beware of Mavic's warrantyPaul
May 21, 2002 8:37 AM
Mavic won't honor their warranty on wheels bought from a grey-market source. Mavic would'nt fix my friends broken spoke even though it was under their warranty. Don't know about other component manufactures. Good prices, but be careful.
The whole "Gray-market" moniker just cracks me up. nmamflyer
May 21, 2002 10:01 AM
More reasons not to buy Mavic.....(nt)KurtVF
May 21, 2002 3:43 PM