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A call out to riders in Calgary, Alberta(8 posts)

A call out to riders in Calgary, AlbertaKami
May 20, 2002 2:27 PM
I moved down to Calgary from Edmonton last year, and all last season, different diciplines of riding took priority over road, so I didn't really get the road bike out at all except to commute to work. I'm trying to find a club, or even just a small group of people, to ride with on evenings and/or weekends. I also realized that I don't know of any good places to ride. I used to live in the country where a roadie mecha was waiting outside my door, but now I live where cars and roller bladers have taken over.

First question... Where are some good places to ride around the city?

Second question... Anyone feel like showing me these places?

Thanks in advance.
re: A call out to riders in Calgary, Albertaarslan - just got a TCR 2 -
May 20, 2002 2:37 PM
It's nice to find someone here from Edmonton, well almost.
If you'd still be in Edmonton you could've joined my club, which is newly formed and need more members!
Hmm.. isn't PODIUMBOUNDDOTCA from Calgary?
Do you know anyone from Edmonton who may be interested in my club?
Sorry I can't help you with Calgary, but just thought I'd introduce myself to you being a fellow albertan
Have fun in Calgary!
re: A call out to riders in Calgary, AlbertaKami
May 20, 2002 2:54 PM
You're from Edmonton, eh? Sorry to hear that. :)

Well, I used to ride with Velocity Cycle. Most of the riders I did road rides with are members of that club, or ERTC. But I will get the word out if I run into anyone who would be interested. What kind of club is it? Do you have a web site? I'd be happy to add a link to it on if you like. If I ever get it up and running... You can get my e-mail addy from that site if you wanna throw me a line.

Thanks for the introduction! I still take frequent trips up north, so maybe we can hook up for a ride sometime.
that would be great!!!arslan - just got a TCR 2 -
May 20, 2002 8:57 PM
Yeah, it would be nice to ride with an actual cyclist for once. My email address is, so if you decide to come up north throw me a line.

See, I'm new to Edmonton (6 months - first summer) and Canada (1.5 years) and just joined the EBTC and am going to join Velocity and United Cycle soon, yeah going totally bezerk this summer!.

My cycling club is still relatively small, being one myself it's majorly high school students, total 14 members, I need older members to bring in experience and most of my co-high schoolers aren't exactly very passionate and enthusiastic, only a few know much about road biking. We ride every day on weekends and sometimes on weekdays. Currently, I'm running for president of students union, and if I win, than my club size and popularity will increase dramatically.

I'm working on the website. I'll send you the address when it's done and you can add it to your site. Btw, I visited your site, you got a great domain!, and the pictures rock!

I plan to bike to Calgary in the upcoming summer or next, it's 300km, the most I've ever done is 120, but that was on my mountain bike, now that I have a road bike, and a good one, I hope to improve on that. But it'll still take time and more training.

This year I hope to compete in a few races too, know of any?, any other advice on racing here in alberta?

Anyway, catch you soon than.

re: A call out to riders in Calgary, AlbertaJHooper
May 20, 2002 5:44 PM
A lot of people ride out the 1A to Cochrane, and then go south on the #22 to the Trans Canada (#1), then go east back into the city. This may not be a very big ride for you but it is quite hilly and scenic. I just bought my first road bike (used) last month. I have been a fairly active mountain biker since I moved to Calgary five years ago, but it has been great being able to go for rides that start at my front door now that I have the road bike.
Welcome to Calgary
re: A call out to riders in Calgary, AlbertaJon Billheimer
May 20, 2002 7:16 PM
Get ahold of Andy Holmwood. He's a coach and works full-time for ABA in Calgary. Also, there's a Calgary Masters Cycling Club and the Elbow Valley Cycling Club, which is the touring club in Calgary.

BTW, I ride with both Velocity and Edmonton Masters.
re: A call out to riders in Calgary, AlbertaEric_H
May 21, 2002 8:17 AM
Well, I am now out on the West coast, but formerly a resident of Edmonton (in fact, past president of the Velocity Cycling Club 1998-99, and member since 1995). However, I have experience with the Calgary clubs and area so I'll add my 2 cents worth.

In terms of Calgary clubs, I would suggest checking out the Bicisport web page at:
They are a large club run by a great group of people, with riders and racers in every discipline. Another page to check out is Soma Cycle, they have group rides leaving from the shop:

The best way to figure out the good places to ride is by riding with other people, but I think you have already figured that out! Good luck and good riding.
re: A call out to riders in Calgary, AlbertaPODIUMBOUNDdotCA
Jun 10, 2002 8:21 AM

Welcome to Calgary!

To answer your questions:
1) Where are good places to ride? Hmmm... any of the roads around the city are really nice. However, if you head out West through Westhills to Bragg Creek and back its a nice 70 km ride and then if you ride back to 22X and back into the city it turns into quite a bit larger loop. How far I can't recall however.
2) I wish I could show you around but I'm stuck to indoor riding for now.

Also if you want to meet a lot of cyclists go to a Thursday night race. Theres tons of cyclists here. I'd ask for Rob Onodera though. He's a super nice guy and they do a Master's ride to and from Bragg Creek every weekend which is very nice.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Nick Corcoran