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Phil, Paul, Bob & Lemond @ the Housatonic Valley Classic...(1 post)

Phil, Paul, Bob & Lemond @ the Housatonic Valley Classic...woodes
May 20, 2002 10:30 AM
It was a blast to watch the race yesterday. What was also interesting, was to see how these guys interacted with each other and the crowd. Paul Sherwin was very nice and a little low key compared to his co-anchors. Bob Roll showed up in a complete (motor)cycle get up with a babe on his arm, he was really trying to play-up his (self-manufactured?) image as a rebel/rock star. Phil Liggett was the most surprising. He is very animated. At one point, he came up behind Lemond and put him in a full nelson and started to mock beat him up! He seemed like a genuinely warm guy who loved to be there. The four guys hung out together, posed for pics, and got along like old high school buddies who hadn't seen each other for years.

If you live within a couple hours of S.W. Connecticut, you should try to make it out to the race next year. Some of the hills the riders race up are very steep (although a little short).