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Vetta 77 died any ideas(4 posts)

Vetta 77 died any ideasPhatMatt
May 20, 2002 8:10 AM
I have had this Computer for about a year now. While on a ride Saturday the computer stopped working. It still gave me time and any of the stats at the point that it died. At first I thought the sensor had just moved but alas it was not registering my cadence either. Every now and than it would show I was doing 1.8-1.9 miles and hour. The head winds were not that strong. I change the Battery about 6-8 weeks ago. Should I play with it or junk it and get a new one.

Couple of things to try before you junk it...cory
May 20, 2002 8:21 AM
Battery is the obvious one--even though it's fairly new, it's worth $1.50 to try again. One thing I've had happen a couple of times is the wires pull loose, either from the sensor or the head on the handlebar, and give misleading readings--the thing will pick up an occasional pass of the magnet rather than every one, which makes it think it's going 1.8 instead of 29.3. Wiggle those, make sure they're secure, and check the wires to be sure they don't have an "open" inside the insulation. That's hard to spot, but if you have a continuity tester (or can rig one from a battery and flashlight bulb), hook it up and wiggle and stretch the wires. Finally, make sure the magnet and sensor haven't moved. Sometimes even a tiny shift can interfere with the reading.
Buy a Cateyegrandemamou
May 20, 2002 11:09 AM
I've got the Astrale on 2 and the Enduro on one. The Enduro is about 7 y/o and one of the Astrales is 3 y/o. I have used Vettas in the past and was not impressed with the quality.
re: Vetta 77 died any ideascurlybike
May 20, 2002 7:58 PM
Slide the computer off the mount and clean the contacts on both pieces with an pencil eraser made of abrasive rubber. The contacts may be corroded