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Some thoughts on Le Tour...(2 posts)

Some thoughts on Le Tour...EJC
May 20, 2002 5:19 AM
...everyone seems to be a tad grumpy over the fact that certain key riders and teams have been omitted from le Grand are some alternate thoughts for thought on this SUNNY and WARM (DAMMIT, now that the snow of the weekend is over and I am back in the office, the weatther gets nice...WHY DO THE G-DS MOCK ME!?!) day...

1) The race has NOT been run yet. It seems like the prevailing sentiment is that Lance has already won, yet the race is a month and a half away!!! This is cycling folks, anything can happen between now and then, and during the race as well!!! Don't be so quick to diminish or dismiss potential darkhorses like Leipheimer (spl?) or other up-and-comers!

2) Unfortunately, LOTS of potentially viable teams have been ignored. Pity poor Team Coast. THEY should get the nod, but alas, there are only so many spots to go around. I maintain that instead of concentrating on who ISN'T going to be there, let's look at who WILL and try to watch for developing talent and the race for green/polka dots/etc.

3) When did Lance become such and unpopular figure? Three years ago he was everyone's darling. Two years ago people rallied behind him as he won a second and said that it confirmed he was deserving. Last year people stood and cheered at his tactics (playing possum, waiting for the crashed Ullrich, giving Jan the nod to go ahead on the one particular stage, etc...) and now he is seemingly a pariah. People seem angry that he is training to win a fourth. Funny how we enjoy tearing down heroes as much as we enjoy watching them build. Is it just my perception or is this true?

Just some thoughts for thought today!


Everyone hates the YankeesMcAndrus
May 20, 2002 8:15 AM
When I was a kid growing up in Detroit in the 60s (yes, I'm that old) everyone hated the Yankees. Why? They were by far the best team,they had the best players and everyone expected them to dominate.

Everyone expects Lance to dominate, so he's easy to disparage. Personally, I expect him to win but do not expect him to dominate. The rising tide of young studs cannot be held back forever: Sevilla is the one that comes to mind. Lance will win on his tactical skills and the strength of his team.

I honestly expect it to be the best Tour since '99.