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Cycling gods' verdict(1 post)

Cycling gods' verdictGeds
May 20, 2002 1:15 AM
So, after six weeks of research, checking out deals far and wide on the internet and locally, looking at new and used, with a number of test rides, the decision is made - new, and the Trek 1400*.

So I went into one of the local bike shops on the weekend, and there it was, a Trek 1400, and in my size, and on special! I go for a test ride, and it just feels right. I come back, the shop offers an unbeatable deal. I agree and sign up.

I think it was meant to be. My first road bike since school days, and she's a beauty.

But then that same afternoon I went MTBing with some mates on the single track. About 30 seconds into the first trail, and bang! A burst tube. Expletive.

Lucky I had a spare tube. So after stuffing around, off we ride again. I quite enjoyed if for the most part... except for the two falls. The first a 0km/h slip sideways, with my knee bouncing off a rock, the second an over the handlebars job, in full view of all my mates who were waiting for me. No major damage done to bike or rider, aside from dented pride, with much entertainment provided for the assembled crowd.

But I did start to wonder if the cycling gods were passing judgement on me that day in terms of which direction I should take my riding...

So I will still love hitting the trails on my MTB, but the road beckons...

*Trek 1400 = intl spec Trek with Shim 105, carbon fork. We don't get the US spec Treks here in Oz.