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broken campy ten speed chain(17 posts)

broken campy ten speed chainishmael
May 19, 2002 2:56 PM
i just broke my chain at the permalink and then tried to use a regular chain tool to hook the rest of it together and now ive ruined about two more it salvageable...i have another chain(i was expecting the worst from the begining with the ten speed) how should i go about putting on a wipperman power link or whatever its called...can i use a regular chain tool..any related ten speed chain experience is hopeing i wont need a new casette to go with the new chain, if it doesnt shift well is there any hope of continuing with the same casette
re: broken campy ten speed chainBil Bikie
May 19, 2002 3:40 PM

Do you replace your own chains? If you do...the next time you shorten the chain to fit your bike, save the extra links for a case such as this. Chains need to be the right length so your derailleur is taking up the right ammount of slack in the chain. If a shop changes your chain, ask for the extra links. Buy a good chain tool and forget about the "Super Links". Anyway...I only remove my chain to replace it 3-4 times a year. Your cassette should be fine if you are changing and/or lubing your chain often enough.

Bil Boike
You are just one lucky guyKerry
May 19, 2002 3:50 PM
How is it that you "ruined two more links"? It's my understanding that the rest of the links on this chain are just like any other chain. Do you have 3 more links, since you're now out the permalink and two more? Many have reported no problems by using a normal chain tool and no permalink on these chains.

The Wipperman is similar to an SRAM - you don't use tools to put it together or take it apart. It's done by hand. Didn't your chain come with any instructions?

Whether you need a new cassette will pretty much depend on how many miles you have on your current one, how well you kept your chain cleaned and lubed, and whether you spent a lot of miles on one cog. Short of you telling how many miles you have on your current chain, it's impossible to even guess whether a new chain will work.
yup, it's a simple repair with the right tool.JohnG
May 19, 2002 6:47 PM
I use a park CT-3 chain tool to assemble C10 chains. I've done this on numerous C10 chain installations and nary a problem. Our local pro shop does the same thing on all of their C10 builds.

Perhaps the wrong/cheap chain tool bit him???

The PL is a nightmare waiting to happen!!!!
yup, it's a simple repair with the right tool.ishmael
May 19, 2002 7:42 PM
it must have been the cheap pocket chain breaker then. So on my new chain should i just remove the permalink and replace it with one of those other quick links? and i can use a regular park tool right, the ct-3 isnt special in any way is it?
not special, but.......JohnG
May 19, 2002 9:26 PM
The CT-3 is the large shop sized chain tool that Park makes. I think I ordered it from Performance or some place similar.

To be perfectly honest...... I've read of so many people having problems with chain tools that I'd be inclined to recommend one of the "quick links". I have NO experience with them but I'd figure they're probably as good as the chain in terms of wear. ????

Personally, I'm going to continue using the CT-3 tool. If you do get one just be "careful" with the install process. A C10 install is really NO different (in principle) than any other chain install BUT the tolorances are a bit tighter on the C10. I always leave the "assembled link" just a tiny bit on the tight side so that the pins are extending through the plates ever so slightly. REPEAT after me..... EVER SO SLIGHTLY!!!! ;) A few thou is all that is needed, but the link should be just a little less "sloppy" side-to-side than one of the other links. I've NEVER had a problem with a C10 chain link using this "technique".


ride on
hmmmSintesi at home
May 19, 2002 4:44 PM
It's a pain to read your post. You neglect to use any punctuation, save for ellipses, no caps and on top of that you print in italics. What gives? Why? Just curious.
May 19, 2002 5:11 PM
i dont know why its italics...
What about the rest?Sintesi at home
May 19, 2002 5:49 PM
You can do what you want but I'd like to know why? That's all.
habit, its an informal setting and i like it that way nmishmael
May 19, 2002 7:38 PM
I'll start typing more traditionally starting now. nmishmael
May 19, 2002 7:44 PM
Ishmael cracks? I'll wait and see. (nm)Sintesi
May 20, 2002 5:16 AM
ooo i forgot. Starting now. nnishmael
May 20, 2002 12:08 PM
how many miles on C-10 chain?tarwheel
May 20, 2002 3:58 AM
You didn't say how many miles you've got on the C-10. If it's still got plenty of wear left on it, you can get C-10 compatible superlinks at and for about $6 each. I installed one of the Wipperman nickel chains on my bike about two weeks ago, $30 from It is very simple to install and I am no mechanical whiz. However, it did throw off my shifting, apparently because it's slightly wider than the C-10, so I had to take it into a bikeshop for a minor derailleur adjustment. I just noticed that it looks like you have another C-10 chain. In that case, I would definitely consider getting one of the superlinks. Why spend $60 on a stupid Campy chain tool to install a permalink that ain't so permanent?
the superlinksishmael
May 20, 2002 12:07 PM
im planning on getting a couple but in the meantime i wanted to ride with the can i later remove the permalink and put in the superlink, i assume so, just thought id ask..
Non-Campy linksPaulCL
May 20, 2002 6:38 AM
I dumped my PL when it started to come apart. I installed (by hand) a Craig Superlink purchased at So far, the link has lasted about 400 miles without problem. I carry a spare in my seat pack just in case. It's nice to finally be able to break the 10spd chain and give it a real cleaning.
re: broken campy ten speed chainMP
May 20, 2002 8:22 AM
You might try an IRD Teflon-coated chain that uses a snap link. Colorado Cyclist sells them for $39.99.