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Trek Y Foil(12 posts)

Trek Y FoilMilestogo
May 18, 2002 11:41 PM
I recently spotted a Trek Y Foil, selected in Bicyling 1998 Editors Choice Awards. Why did this bike go out of production? Were sales poor? It was advertised as being very fast, with a much less drag thn conventional frames. Like to see it make a return.

re: Trek Y Foilcydswipe
May 19, 2002 5:44 AM
The y-foils were a popular bike for TREK. However, because of the design, they were scrutinized by racing officials IMO. If I recall, they were found to provie an unfair advantage because of their unconventional aero design. Some of the others who post here would know the specifics. I have a Y-66t. I absoultely love it. The bikes still have a sort of cult following. If you get the chance to test ride one, try it. Keep in mind TREK's y-design at one point was VERY popular with mountain bikes. Now they have one model that I believe is a kids bike. With the popularity of the USPS bikes, especially the time trial frames, I cannot see the Y-foil making a return to production. Hope this helps!
re: Trek Y FoilCFBlue
May 19, 2002 5:50 AM
I own one, bought new last year from old dealer stock. the only other bike, out of about a dozen that I test rode that I liked as much was the Trek Lance rides. the bike is comfort, it climbs well and decend well, I can't see why it didn't become more popular except..

it is not race legal. UCI won't allow it, and though some Triathletes use it, they weren't enough market share to keep it going. Unless you ride the largest frame size, there is room for only one small water bottle without resorting to the bottle holder that sit on the seat post.

There is a Y-Foil group on yahoogroups and

has a nice write up.

Trek Y Foil Groupdavet
May 19, 2002 7:44 AM
Here's the URL for the Y-Foil special interest group:
The following for the Y-Foils is becoming quite large. It's a very distictive and quite good bike.
re: Trek Y Foilxxl
May 19, 2002 6:45 AM
By just about all accounts, the Y-foils are too good, and were indeed deemed to be an unfair advantage in UCI (?) sanctioned racing. There are budding Y-foil clubs out there for the "cult." I understand that they're in very high demand over in Japan, but I haven't been there to confirm this. IMHO, it is a way-cool bike.
wait weenies, unite!JaeP
May 19, 2002 12:23 PM
I ride with a club that sports several Y-foil bikes. While being very aerodynamic, it is my understanding that the Y-foil frames were a bit heavier than the "conventional" carbon Trek frames at the time.
wait weenies, unite!yfoiler
May 19, 2002 3:53 PM
Yes, the off the shelf version comes in around 3 Lbs. But as with the other OCLV Trek frames , a race version would have been just around the corner... They just never got that far because of the UCI ruling which I believe took thier marketing strategy away.

PS I've raced mine USCF with no problems... only raised eyebrows from the traditionalists that is.
re: Yep UCI killed it...yfoiler
May 19, 2002 3:49 PM
I believe the above post about UCI killing the "Y" is correct from all I've heard. The lack of a seat tube was considered an unfair advantage. The UCI (being made up of manufacturers) typically outlaw anything different that comes along. That is until "they" can tool up and make one too. Look at the UCI ruling on fat tube aluminum bikes. The Canondale was outlawed too. Then when they lifted the ban Team Saeco rode them very well. Funny how they were llegal until the European bike makers got into aluminum too. Then as if by magic the Canondale's became OK. It's my true belief that if UCI had not banned them we would have seen the USPS boys on race lightened "Y's" in the TDF. But rules do not invalidate a good design. They are great bikes, ride very "soft" and still very stiff in the BB with the smaller rear triangle. They climb very well and decend like banshees on rails. The only complaint I have is I must carry a second water bottle in my jersey pouch because I don't want to put a double bottle hanger on the rear of the seat post. And yes, love my "Y" and haven't as yet found anything I like better. Though I must admit I've yet to get my hands on a C-40 or a Vortex...

Marty "Yfoiler"
Here's a Trek Y Foil for a stealjromack
May 19, 2002 4:31 PM

I know the owner, he is quite OCD about his bike.
why does the y-foil keep coming up here?ColnagoFE
May 20, 2002 7:18 AM
just curious but this bike has been history for a while now. seems to come up here a lot though. it wasn't all that light...not UCI legal if I remember right and probably not a lot more aero than any standard TT bike.
why does the y-foil keep coming up here?Lone Gunman
May 20, 2002 8:48 AM
You answered your own question. History. It is a unique design that was ahead of it's time and is not for sale through a store unless it is NOS frame. It's not something you see on the road every day.
what makes it significantly different fromColnagoFE
May 20, 2002 10:36 AM
well...pretty much any unique monocoque cf frame like a kestrel?