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How light is your bike? Make, model, and group please...(37 posts)

How light is your bike? Make, model, and group please...spyderman
May 18, 2002 10:13 PM
I saw that Trek has a mid-range aluminum frame weighing in at 2.7lbs...

How much lighter can these frames get?

Will we ever see a 1+lb frame?

Titanium v. Aluminum?

Good ridin' everyone!

re: How light is your bike? Make, model, and group please...Carbon fiber fanatik
May 19, 2002 4:18 AM
How light? It's not so light, but I'm not a weight weiner either. I have 2 road bikes, one is a 17 lb gem, but my favorite is my Martec. 4 pounds of wonderful carbon, loaded with dura ace and hed 3 spoke wheels. Heavy? Can you say boat anchor? Fast? Most definately. Living in Michigan and staying on secondary roads, you simply need a solid ride. They have a fetish for road salt around here and the roads can be a noodle bikes worst enemy. I built up this bike because I got tired of being thumped around and truing wheels. Though it weighs a bit more, I'm actually faster on this bike than on my other bike with a sub 3 pound frame. In the end, it's all about personal preference and a 17 pound bike will make you no faster than a 20 pound bike if you ride for the pure love of riding.
re: How light is your bike? Make, model, and group please...weiwentg
May 19, 2002 6:42 AM
TCR 0, not weighed, but estimated to be around 17lbs. DA groupset except for derailleurs and brakes. Cane Creek Aerohead wheels (about 1600gms for wheels alone). cinelli groove bars, deda newton stem.
Somewhere around 16lbsPaulCL
May 19, 2002 9:29 AM
But achieved via pure accident and happenstance:

Colnago Bititan 58cm (dual downtubes cut the weight)
Campy Record 10spd
Dave's Speeddream aerolight wheels (my only true attempt at weight weenie-dom)
Vittoria Corsa CX TT tires - Yellow on black
Campy profit pedals

Then add my 185lb + lardass on top and it makes a light bike.
re: How light is your bike? Make, model, and group please...gonzo77
May 19, 2002 6:43 AM
I'm not a weight weenie either but i think my 17.5 lb Trek is solid. Trek 5200, w/ultegra, D-Ace Crankset, Zipp 404 wheelset. Now if only my legs could go make me as fast as the bike could.....
re: How light is your bike? Make, model, and group please...dtjtdt
May 19, 2002 7:29 AM
17.5 lbs, Leader alum/carbon frame with Ultrega and Shimano WH-R535 wheels, GP3000 tires. Stiff/fast, who cares if it isn't a name brand frame, saved a bundle and rides sweet.
Leader Bike USA???MrCrud
May 19, 2002 7:31 PM
Is that your bike? Any comments on it? I work in a shop and we're going to carry these frames and parts soon. Let me know how your experience has been with them. Thanks!


15 lbs 4 ozDMoore
May 19, 2002 7:36 AM
Specialized E-5, size 58 cm. Record 9 speed ergos, frt & rear derailleurs and chain. Crank is FSA carbon, with Ti Phil Wood b/b, Record pedals. Ritchey WCS stem, Prima 199 bar, Easton carbon seatpost, Aspide saddle. Mavic SSC brakes, Zipp 303 tubulars with Clement Criterium Setas, Record Ti cogs.

I'm amazed at how light this bike is. Most of the parts were transferred from my Litespeed Ultimate. It weighed just over 17#, and I thought that was light.
Somewhere around...Ron B
May 19, 2002 8:11 AM
20.5 pounds.

Frame: Scattane Zonal 56cm
Fork: Weyless
Seatpost: Weyless
Wheels: 105 hubs, 14/15 spokes, aluminum nipples, Matrix Aurora rims
Saddle: Titec Berzerker
Components: 98 Shimano 105
Pedals: Welgo mountain bike pedals
Bar: 46cm ONYX (Trek or Cannondale housebrand parts)
Tires: Performance Forte 25c

It's not a name brand bike by any means but it rides great, holds up to my 265 pounds very well and looks really nice. I can't complain much for how little I have in it at this point in time.
About 18.5...rtolle
May 19, 2002 10:12 AM
Trek 2300 Frame
Dura-Ace Shifters
Ultegra Derailers
105 Brakes
Zipp 101 Wheels w/Ultegra Hubs
Bianchi Ti Seat Post
also 18.5koala
May 19, 2002 12:41 PM
Teesdale foco steel 55cm full chorus including post, forgie bar and stem and a reynolds ouzo fork with a record headset and look 357 pedals.
around 18.5Jambo
May 19, 2002 1:16 PM
2001 Jamis Eclipse- 853 frame and Time fork. Came stock with Prima 199 bar, Zepp stem, Thompson post, full Ultegra, and Ksyriums with Hutch Carbon Comps. All there is to upgade is the Ultegra, but it works fine for me. And I paid less than a lot of you paid for your frames.
re: How light is your bike? Make, model, and group please...Andy M-S
May 19, 2002 1:15 PM
My bike's right around 20# with pump and pedals, but no seat pack or bottles:

Frame: Bianchi "Quattro" CroMor 55c-c.
Fork: Profile BRC 1" threaded CroMo
Seatpost: Kalloy
Wheels: Real hubs, 32x to AeroHeads
Saddle: Flite Ti (older, no-logo
Components: Mix of RX100 (FD, brakes), Old Ultegra 600 (cranks and cassette) New Ultegra (RD), Sachs Ergo8 levers
Pedals: Ultegra/600 road SPD
Bar: 40mm Icon Onyx ergo
Stem: 120mm Control Tech 73 threaded
Tires: Michelin Axial Carbon 23mm
Pump: Zefal hPX
Light: VL Eclypse

Not the lightest bike, but strong and comfortable. I've had lighter bikes, but at right around 190-195#, lighter bikes worry me a bit.
re: How light is your bike? Make, model, and group please...Ironbutt
May 19, 2002 3:03 PM
Not a flyweight, but quite light all things considered:
Litespeed Ultimate, 63cm
Deda Magic stem and bars
Cane Creek headset
Dura-Ace grouppo
Shimano WH-7700 wheels
Michelin axial Pro tires with Michelin latex tubes
Look PP357 pedals
Avocet 02Air40 saddle
Weight with computer and bottle cages, but no seat pack or bottles: 18.76 pounds.
Now, if I could just do something about my 215 pounds, we'd be a great combination!
Sounds like exaggeration here...CrazyMan
May 19, 2002 5:39 PM
Some of the weights seem somewhat low, but I guess I'm not one to judge.

I haven't weighted mine's light.
My old XLEV2 weighed 18.2 and this is at least a pound lighter.
TCR Frame and Fork (may be swapped out eventually)
Mavic ssc brakes (lighter than D/A or Record)
Record 10
Keywin Ti pedals (light as hell and wide platform, oh and also came in extended q-factor sizes)
Flite TT saddle
Campy Eurus wheels
Ritchey Pro Stem (with no shim to add weight)
Deda 215 Bars (stiffer than the 199s)
How light is your ARSE?lnin0
May 19, 2002 5:56 PM
16 or 22 pounds? Does it really matter when your 12+% body fat and 10 pounds overweight. I think not only should you have asked people to include their make and model but it would have also been funny to see their height, weight and body fat percentage.

Bike weight is really a joke. I ride with so many guys that have $3000 bikes and 38 inch waist bands. What is the point?I hate this dumb question. Here is a better one:

Could you place on the podium in a pro race if you had a 10 pound bike and everyone else road 35 pound 10 speed steel monsters from 1965? (until you can answer yes to this then I think you have better things to worry about than taking a few grams off your bike weight.)
How light is your ARSE?weiwentg
May 19, 2002 7:10 PM
in my case, my arse is very light indeed. 120 pounds. not sure about the body fat; I'm quite a lean person. 12% body fat is OK for males.
there are some of us for which bike weight matters quite a bit. don't scorn that which you have no knowledge of.
How light is your ARSE?nat_ct1
May 19, 2002 7:59 PM
whats your point? so the guy has a 38 in waist and he decided to get on a bike to help loose it. then good for him. you are more than likely one of those guys that are about as big as an 8th grade girl. hell you might even get pinned under that 35lb bike.
Could you please put your seat back on your seat post?spyderman
May 20, 2002 12:20 AM
Calm down! Riding is GREAT and fixing up you bike is too(NM)James
May 20, 2002 12:30 AM
one in every crowdDougSloan
May 20, 2002 9:31 AM
Why is it that every time someone mentions bike weights, someone has to chime in that body fat matters more? Sure it does, but the two are independent. To get up a hill fast you need low weight (bike + body) and lots of power.

Also, some people do this stuff (build light bikes) as a hobby sort of thing. That doesn't make it a joke, any more than aerobars are a joke.

Tell you what, you ride up a hill as fast as you can on a 35 pound bike and then on a 15 pound bike. I'll bet you $100 you do it faster on the 15 pound bike. You'd take that bet, wouldn't you?

As long as function and durability (or aerodynamics, depending upon the ride) are not unreasonably compromised, lighter is not a bad thing, much less a joke.

Also, why do so many naysayers automatically assume that only fat guys ride light bikes? I don't get it.

BTW, my 6 bike weights range from 13 pounds to 28 pounds. Guess which one is fastest up a hill?

Very nice...biknben
May 20, 2002 12:02 PM
I didn't bother to post the weight of my bike because I've seen the typical "How much do YOU weigh" comment too many times. I'm now waiting for someone to discredit those short riders because their frames are inherently lighter than those of a taller person.

My specs:
6', 157#s, 8% BF
Bike Specs:
56cm C'dale, 14.8 lbs
Dura Ace with lots of carbon goodies.

Sorry for my rant. I'm just a misrepresented weight-weenie.
bikenben, LOL...spyderman
May 20, 2002 11:16 PM
The best thing about being a 'weight-weenie' is that you can always upgrade to something lighter... More toys to buy... Isn't it cool...

He who dies with the most toys and the lightest bike wins...
17 PoundsJohn Ryder
May 19, 2002 7:20 PM
1998 Litespeed Ultimate 55cm, Wound-up threaded fork, Mavic Ksyriums SL's, Dura-ace group, 3TTT 199g Prima bar, Cinelli Grammo stem, American Classic Trilock headset, Thomson seatpost, Selle Italia Flite TT saddle, Look PP396 pedals, Michelin Axial Pro's tires, Control Tech quick (slow) release.

Not bad for a 3.5 pound frame and threaded front end.
well, one bike is 23#AllUpHill
May 19, 2002 8:10 PM
including bottle cages & pedals. Days when i need that extra climbing edge i remove the bar end plugs and cable end caps.

lemond cro-mo frame
tiagra drive train
sora brakes

it's bleeding edge technology. unsafe for riders over 120 lbs.
18lb er..fuzzybunnies
May 19, 2002 8:40 PM
Derosa steel frame and fork
modolo brakes and morphos
sachs new success derailleurs
stronglight crank
phil bb
king hubs w/ op rims
sram road cassette
kestral carbon bars
This was built up this year in an effort to avoid both campy and shimano, though a chorus seat post snuck its way in. 18.4 with the pedals. Kept the phil a ti axle and the king has the steel freehub body so it could be lighter. I'll do a carbon fork and seatpost when I drop 15 to make it worth while.
16.7 lbsLeGrimper
May 19, 2002 11:48 PM
TCR Team,
Dura Ace,
AM Classic 350 wheels 1300gm set,
ITM Bars and stem,
Era saddle.

This bike is built to maximise hills at a sensible cost to the pocket.

I am 138 - 145 dependant on the point of the season.

Thats 155 all up when it counts!

Power to weight ratioLeGrimper
May 19, 2002 11:52 PM
More important than the weight of your steed is your power to weight ratio.

What is you max power in watts?

Add your bike weight to your body weight and divide by your power. Over a ratio number of 5 is OK beyond that and you are getting competitive.

Dare you to post your numbers now!!

My bike's been loosing weight.Mike P
May 20, 2002 3:23 AM
My bike weighed 18.5 lbs when I bought it but as things have needed replacing, they have been upgraded. The wheels and seatpost I just wanted. I guess it's down to 17-17.5 lbs now. Decreased weight is not the driving force to my purchases / upgrades, it's just a side effect.

Raleigh 800 (aluminum)
Dura-ace crank, cassette and chain.
Ultegra everything else.
American Classics wheels.
Speedplay X2 pedals.
CC Alien seatpost.

Never bothered to weigh it; I'm guessing at least 24 lbs.cory
May 20, 2002 8:06 AM
It's a 64cm Atlantis with Brooks saddle, mostly mountain bike components, a triple crank and wheels and tires you can really use, plus most of the time I have a Carradice bag on it. I'd rather carry the extra few pounds than not be able to ride the thing where I want to go, though.
21 or 22 lbslaffeaux
May 20, 2002 8:28 AM
Bontrager Road Lite (XL) - CrMo frame/fork
Ultegra triple drivetrain
RSX brakes
Thomson seat post
Selle Italia Flite Gel saddle
Mavic Cosmos wheels
Salsa stem (quill type)
Ritchey Bars
Shimano 737 MTB pedals

The bike rides great, and I'd not give up the triple for anything.
May 20, 2002 9:49 AM
And you notice that's how they market it. What really surprised me was the weight of the 5900.

Merlin XL
Ouzo Pro
Deda Newton

I guess it's light but so what, I would be just as happy at 20lbs. I'm happy with the ride, fit and function which was the goal. Chorus is just as good and steel is the benchmark for road bikes.
re: Planet X Kaffenbarg/ 105 23lbs Nm.jrm
May 20, 2002 11:46 AM
43 lbs, Schwinn Typhoon, 46T chromed steel chainwheel ...Humma Hah
May 20, 2002 3:09 PM
... shucks, the frame alone weighs about as much as Lance Armstrong's whole climbing bike. Front wheel, with tire and tube, weighs 7 pounds, rear about eight.

Regardless of how light the bikes get, the weight of the rider will stay about the same. In fact, the idea behind my continuing to ride an iron tank is that the heavier the bike is, the ligher the rider is apt to get. 18-lb roadbikes have been in use for over a century, they can get a comparable modern fixie down to maybe 12 now. That's really not a heckuva lot of improvement considering the advancement in materials in the meantime.
Between 18.5 and 19 lbs.look271
May 21, 2002 9:39 AM
Look kg271 frame and fork, Mavic mektronic shifters, D/A crank, sachs chain, Ultegra brake calipers, front der and cassette. 58 c-t
Forgot-Ksyrium wheelsetlook271
May 21, 2002 6:58 PM
re: So why do I still get dropped on the hills?...guido
May 21, 2002 10:38 PM
DeRosa, Professional, 1984.
Campy Super Record, full group.
Suntour Winner Pro 6 speed freewheel.
Turbo Saddle!
Box section Campy "Lambda" rims!!
36 spokes front and rear!!!

Bike: 22#

Rider: 155.

Total: 177.